Curtains can Change the Whole Look of a Room
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Curtains can Change the Whole Look of a Room

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First of all, these floor to ceiling curtains are hung higher than the window to give the illusion that the window is taller than it really is. Also, these blue and white floral curtains fit right in with the style of the room. All of the patterns in the room may not be the same, but it sure does look beautiful.


This dining room is painted white, and blue. The furniture and the wall art fit right in matching that pattern, therefore the curtains had to fit in too! These custom dining room curtains look amazing being blue and white to match the room.


This living room is filled with gorgeous furniture, but it is all dull colors. To spice it up a little, these bright red curtains are hung! They make this room feel so much warmer.


Kids bedrooms have to be fun right? Fun means lots of color! The walls are neon green, the wall art is blue and yellow, and the tubs are orange, so the curtains had to be royal blue! The more color, the more fun!


Just because this nursery is white does not make it any less precious. These pink curtains really make this room so much sweeter, along with the alphabet letters and chandelier.


As said before, children’s rooms have to be fun and colorful! This one is definitely that! If these colors don’t catch your attention, what will? Orange curtains brighten up this whole room.

This elegant living room is finished with these tan and white striped curtains. The BEST part about this is that there is no white or tan furniture in the room. This makes it that much more gorgeous. Don’t you want to wrap yourself in those curtains?


Solid and plain color furniture and decor? No problem! These patterned and brightly colored curtains definitely catch attention and make this room feel so pretty!


If you like blue as much as this interior designer does, you can decorate with all things blue and finish off with some blue curtains! You wouldn’t put green curtains here, would you?


WOW! This room is already bound to blow you away, but these curtains...phew! If you really think about it, this room might just look like a purple blob without the curtains, so good thing they added them to mix things up.


This dining room is complete with these blue curtains! What a great way to brighten things up!


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