Creating an at Home Yoga and Meditation Sanctuary

We will find it easier to quiet our minds in a special space dedicated to meditation.
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Creating an at Home Yoga and Meditation Sanctuary

Interior Design Trends | Mikaila Cordeau

We will find it easier to quiet our minds in a special space dedicated to meditation.

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. There are many styles and forms of yoga. The history of yoga is rich and full of interesting stories. It has evolved to a lifestyle. Yoga entails mindful thinking, positive thoughts, eating healthy, and connecting body, spirit, and mind. It is more than an exercise, it is a way of life. It is an escape for the mind and body. Yoga and meditation go hand-in-hand because they interlink and overlap. Such an important practice deserves its own space. Throughout this article there will tips and ideas for creating your own personal sanctuary.


Let There Be Light

While you are practicing the art of yoga and meditation it is important to embrace your natural surroundings to offer yourself peace and tranquility. What better way to do that than with tons of natural light. If sunshine doesn't calm you, have your yoga session during a rainy day. Either way with large windows surrounding you, you can be in touch with nature and yourself.

Tip: Keep your yoga and meditation room clutter free, especially when you have large windows, the decor is nature itself. Also adding bright colored or printed yoga mats add touches of decor as well!

Mirrored To Perfection

Another option in a yoga room is to surround yourself with mirrors if you are concerned with getting the perfect form in your poses. You can make sure your poses are correct by looking at your reflection. The addition of a ballet bar helps improve flexibility.

Tip: You can add multiple long length mirrors instead a full wall mirror. Also you can incorporate design elements with the multiple long length mirrors, such as bright colors or unique mirrors.




Full of Fun!

If you want to have a design inspired, fun yoga room then pick a color scheme and add some cute decor that matches your theme or the yoga lifestyle. This can include patterns, pops of color, and cute wall decals.

Tip: Stick with muted tones not harsh colors, so you can keep the space as a calm place to escape. Think of how colors affect moods; for example, yellow is happy color, and blue is a soothing color.



All About The View

Anyone who practices the art of yoga knows that you need to keep focus, your  “yogic gaze”. Because complete concentration leads to better balance and poses. So if you have your yoga mat facing an open doorway that leads to a scenic view, there are many focal points to choose to set your gaze on. Also who wouldn’t want to stare at a beautiful landscape? And in meditation rooms you can have the calming natural sounds of nature come through the open doorway, instead of your CD player or Ipod.

Tips: Keep the decor in this type of room minimal because the focus needs to be on the view.

Ethnic Escapes

Adding flair to your space can be accomplished by incorporating ethnic decor. Asian influences like buddha inspired decor or Moroccan drapery can add just the right amount of spice. These ideas are great for an escape room, like your own personal vacation room. Meditation and yoga should be an escape for hectic daily lives, so adding an ethnic influence provides a getaway feel.

Tip: You can add drapery to your space for a romantic feel. You can also incorporate colors through your drapery, the draping can be added to the ceiling or around windows.


Setting The Mood

The goal is to make it easy to relax and stay focused. So think about color therapy, aromatherapy, and lighting. If you like the way incense smell add incense, but if you prefer candle smells add candles, or fresh air open windows. This room has to be tailored to you. So think about what colors soothe you, and what smells you prefer. When dealing with lighting if natural light is preferable, put your meditation space in a well natural lit room. If lots of windows are distracting to you, then think about lighting your room with candles or lanterns. The style of this room does not have to be buddha influenced, this room just needs to provide a clean clutter free space to relax. Think about adding calming pictures or paintings of beautiful landscapes. Also make sure there is an outlet so you can play soothing music. Also another way to incorporate nature into your design is with plants. Pick a space that will make you feel relaxed, exposed beams in an attic are a perfect example. You can add rugs for decor and cushion. Play around with throw pillows for nice decorative touches.




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