Create Gorgeous Indoor Lighting for Any Style with a Chandelier

Chandeliers can bring your home decor up a notch.
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Create Gorgeous Indoor Lighting for Any Style with a Chandelier

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Chandeliers can bring your home decor up a notch.

Everyone has different tastes in interior style and home decor. Whether you admire traditional styles or you want to dive into something more modern, chandeliers can bring your home decor up a notch. Chandeliers are a great way to add a statement piece to any room. Many people believe dining rooms are the only place that chandeliers are appropriate, but they work well in a multitude of spaces. Chandeliers are now more commonly hung in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms and closets. Chandeliers can work in any space as long as attention to detail is taken into consideration.

A new chandelier can work in just about any space if the proper size and quantity is used. Sometimes more than one chandelier can work well in a space if they are small and there is enough room. This trend is seen many times in kitchens above islands. If two or more chandeliers are being used, typically they should not be large and extravagant or it will take away from the room itself. When using multiple chandeliers, simplicity is key.

Traditional chandeliers are always a classic choice. These classic chandeliers are timeless and add a sophisticated look to any room. Featuring these lighting choices in dining spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms are popular for the style.

The rise of modern and chic chandeliers is popular especially in dining spaces. Modern lighting can make a statement and create a completely different atmosphere in comparison to traditional chandeliers. Creating this look can be tricky, but if done correctly, it can make a space shine.

Trying chandeliers in unique spaces can bring something exciting to an otherwise overlooked area. Installing unique chandeliers in bathrooms, closets, and even kitchen pantries can make the space more enjoyable.

Using different materials can also make a chandelier stand out in a room. Crystal chandeliers are not the only way to go. Create a rustic look by adding a faux antler chandelier or a wooden fixture with candles. Using a lampshade to surround a crystal chandelier or stained glass can also create a unique look. For creative people, there are also many DIY chandeliers to create out of household materials.



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