Create a Relaxing Reading Nook

Everyone needs a quiet escape, and what better way to achieve that than a cozy reading nook.
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Create a Relaxing Reading Nook

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Everyone needs a quiet escape, and what better way to achieve that than a cozy reading nook.

These helpful tips will help you create the perfect intimate spot to escape to. Whether the space is indoor, outdoor, or a mix of the two, these ideas can be tailored to your preferences. These ideas are so simple you will wonder why you haven’t added an escape to your home already. You do not have to be an avid book reader to enjoy these spaces. You can use this space for quiet time, scrolling through the internet, reading articles (like this one), magazine fixes, and even coloring (yes, adults can color too!). Bookworms, hold on to your books because these ideas will blow you away.

Loft Spaces

This idea is absolutely perfect for those of you that want to enjoy nature with your daily reads. A relaxing escape can be achieved with an outlook of a nature escape. Multiple windows provide natural light and a fantastic view. In this idea you can take creative liberty and mix and match patterns and textures and fill your space with printed throw pillows, shaggy rugs, blankets, and throws of colors and patterns of your choice.

This loft idea is great for those that could use extra space for an overnight guest. This space is multipurpose and the angled sun-window provides lots of light exposure for your reading. The additional bookshelves provide space for organization and books!

In Home Library

Have a built-in window seat in your library, or you could add a comfy chair and foot-rest. The one idea pictured is an in wall sectional that provides lots of space for a whole family escape. These ideas provide easy access to your book selections and make this your total book escape. Bookworms will truly appreciate a whole room dedicated to reading.

Attic Escape

Use that attic space for an escape. Do not let that space go unused. You cannot get simpler than this; add a rug and pillows next to a bookshelf and you have yourself the simplest reading nook! Again you have more creative liberty with this idea to mix and match color palettes and patterns with accessories.

Ladder Escape

This will really take you back to your childhood years. This neat idea is a space saver and totally unique. Do not be fooled; this idea is good for adults too. Remember you are only as old as you feel! Get in touch with your younger self and enjoy a treehouse-esque escape. The look pictured is a rustic industrial feel. This can be accomplished with a built-in bookshelf. Add this addition next to a window to provide natural light.

Window-Seat Nook

This is the most basic reading nook idea. You can make this project to your needs, and you could really have fun picking color schemes and patterns for pillows and cushions. This is also a small space that can be added to any room, even your bedroom.

In-The-Wall Nook

If you like the window seat idea but are not a huge fan about being next to a window, then this is your perfect space. You don’t have to rely on sunny weather or worry about being cold or hot. This is a simple and conventional idea that is a small escape for you. A great tip is to add built-in ceiling light fixtures because you do not have the access to natural light.

Rustic Outdoor Secret Garden Escape

For those that really want to immerse themselves in nature; here is the idea for you. You can have your own hidden escape outdoors. What could be better? This is a secret garden-type escape, so you will be transported to a whole new world every time you step into this space. This could be a home addition that is well worth it. It mixes sunroom and outdoor living all in one. You can play around with custom outdoor seating and really embrace this rustic feel with wooden finishings.

Porch Nook

If you love the outdoors and love the idea of an outdoor reading nook but can’t stand the idea of being rained out, then a porch nook is your perfect fit. You can play around with seating and chair options. The surrounding bookshelf brings your library to you.

Mini Sunroom Escape

If you don’t want to fully commit to the porch idea, try this out. This addition is not a full sunroom, but it is an easy small addition. The steps lead to a sun exposed escape. You could enjoy your morning coffee with a view. And this addition can be added to your home library, so you find your book in your library and step into your sunroom escape. This architecture is beautiful and unique.

 Under the Stairs Hideaway

Give your inner Harry Potter fan something to enjoy. You could even re-read all the books in this space. This under the stairs escape is a space saver, and could easily be added to a basement renovation. This could easily be added to many home layouts. Whether you want to add this next to a window, or have an in-wall cutout. There are so many ways to accomplish this idea!

 Conventional Reading Nook

The easiest way to create one is to find a cute comfy chair and possible matching foot-rest. Put it next to a window to get natural light and add an effective light fixture. You can add it near a bookshelf or put a shelving storage space to store your books. There is total creative liberty with this simple idea.

 Unconventional Nooks

For those that like to live outside the lines you can get inspiration from these ideas. These are not your typical reading nooks and you can play around with different idea to find your fit. Whether it's a unique chair, a free-standing book shelf, or unique patterns and colors, enjoy having some artistic fun with these ideas. Really focus on your seating choices and the way you place your books: you can add unique tables or foot-rests.

Adorable His and Her Reading Nooks

If you and your loved one both enjoy reading, this is the perfect way to spend time together doing something you both love. You can read together without bothering each other. This is the cutest idea that your friends and family will be impressed by. A double window seat is actually possible.

The Coziest Nook You Will Ever See!

We hope you found your ideal space in these ideas, or gained some inspiration! Enjoy your escape!


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