Chalkboard Kitchens: A Crafty Trend
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Chalkboard Kitchens: A Crafty Trend

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Kitchens are a space for creativity and experimenting, so it makes sense that the way your kitchen is styled reflects that. A growing trend is the idea of incorporating chalkboards into kitchen decor. Chalkboards are erasable, allowing endless creations and chances to try new things. Whether you want to start small, and add a simple “to do list” chalkboard or go as large as creating an entire chalkboard accent wall, the options are endless.

This chalkboard back splash is a great way to display recipes as you are cooking. Using this part of your kitchen to view a recipe is much easier and trendier than flipping through a cookbook.

Another fantastic way to display the recipe you are preparing on a chalkboard is to have it on the inside of a cabinet. This example even leaves space for measuring cups for easy access! No more scrambling through drawers looking for your cooking utensils, they are displayed with the recipe!

If you are looking for a unique way to display some of your favorite wines, a chalkboard painted wall could be the solution. After painting the chalkboard on, you can then add storage spaces for wine bottles and write what they are using chalk! This is a fun and interactive way to switch up the bottles on display.

If you start your day with a cup of coffee, a coffee bar is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Adding a chalkboard wall behind it will spruce it up even more! Create a cafe feel at home by labeling different breakfast pastries and types of coffee on the wall.

A hidden pantry is behind this old-school style chalkboard wall. Rather than using chalkboard paint, this doorway is created with a traditional school-style chalkboard. Covering a messy pantry can easily be resolved by hiding it behind a trendy chalkboard!

If you are afraid to style with chalkboard paint for fear of destroying a “classic design”, here is an example of a dining space that is classic and also incorporates a chalkboard. This style takes the “kid appeal” of chalkboards out of the equation.

Entertain often? Letting your guests know what is on the menu is a crafty way to incorporate a chalkboard into your kitchen decor. This example is framed, so nothing permanent goes on your walls like chalkboard paint.



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