Baseball Season: In-Home Design

In honor of the beginning of baseball season and our respect for Babe Ruth, we will recognize all the baseball decor we love!
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Baseball Season: In-Home Design

Interior Design Trends | Mikaila Cordeau

In honor of the beginning of baseball season and our respect for Babe Ruth, we will recognize all the baseball decor we love!

These ideas are great for your kids, a home office, a game room, or den. The iconic Babe Ruth has obviously had an impact in the sports world, he has his place in history and he has even affected the home design world.  


First a little history on “The Babe”. He was born in Baltimore Maryland, and his actual name is George Herman Ruth Jr. George Ruth was so good at baseball that the owner of the Baltimore Orioles offered him a contract after only an hour of watching him play. “Since George Jr. was only 19 at the time..., the Orioles players referred to him as “[the Orioles] newest babe”, and thus the most famous nickname in American sports history was born”.  


Babe Ruth Wall Decal

Such an iconic man and quote. This quote has been used in motion pictures, and is a great motivator to have in any room of the house.


Baseball Headboard

Such a cute idea for a kids room. This is just adorable and is sure to please any baseball fan.

Baseball Theme Bedrooms

From a more sophisticated teenage room idea, to a little sport's fan kid's room, these ideas are for any age and are so unique and you can incorporate any sports team.


Red Sox Kids Room

This room is especially in honor of the Legend himself, Babe Ruth. While he played for the Boston Red Sox he won 89 games! That is something worth celebrating.


Yankee Themed Room

This would impress the King Of Baseball Himself. This is a room Babe Ruth would sign. Any teenage boy Yankee fanatic would drool over this themed room.


Vintage Baseball mural

This idea is great for a collector to showcase their findings in a creative way.  


Baseball Bar

These ideas are so ingenious! Stools made of baseball bats or seat covers that look like large baseballs, and to top it all off and actual cement baseball bar top. These are unique and innovative ways to express your love of the game, and impress house guests in the meantime.


Unique Baseball Chandelier

This idea is one of our favorites because it is a great way to up-cycle. Use old bats or find some at garage sales. This idea is trendy and unique.


Neat Baseball Design Idea

Perfect for the grown up that wants a sleek look, but also has a fun side. This idea can be used in a home office, basement, den or even a bedroom. A great sophisticated way to incorporate sports into your home decor.


Man Cave

This is the end all, be all, baseball fanatic man cave!


Baseball Kitchen

This is a great way to subtly let the whole family have a say in the home design ideas.


Game Room Idea

This idea is truly a win for everyone. It is cute and welcomes all guests, but is a great way to have a room to enjoy sports in.



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