5 Quick Tips to make your home Energy Efficient

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5 Quick Tips to make your home Energy Efficient

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Looking forward to that energy bill every month can be such a drag. Energy takes a large percentage out of a household budget and can really hurt you financially; so why not save on energy in your house if you can? Here are some quick, simple tips that may help you and your family save some money!

Seal All Windows- Check your windows for any type of air leaks in and around the windows in your house. If your windows give off a draft, you can add weather-stripping or masking tape around the window frames. Sealing these cracks and holes is a simple, yet reasonable way to lower
your electric bill and become more energy efficient.

Air Dry- Instead of running that dish washer and clothes dryer all the time you could save hundreds on air drying your dishes and clothes. In summer you can put your clothes out on your deck or a clothes line. You can put your dishes on a cloth rag and lay them out on a table outside on your deck or patio. Winter can be a little harder for this method, but it can still work. Laying your clothes out on an indoor drying rack is a great way to be frugal and save on your high cost energy expenses. As for your dishes in the Winter months, you can buy a dish rack, which run cheap and air dry your dishware. Although these methods consume time, just think, your helping your energy budget, as well as the environment.

Lower Thermostat- Don’t get burned each month with your high water bill. By lowering your hot water heater to about 110F you can save a lot of money. Heaters will drain your homes electric and your wallet. In the winter months try to not use space heaters. Financially space heaters are the worse, and will raise your electric bill significantly.

Turn Off- Turn your utilities off when not in use. It’s a simple concept, but we become so caught up in life we forget these small things. When you leave the house you can unplug your TV, your computers and any entertainment products. Using more energy efficient and technology advanced
appliances, in the long run, you can save a ton. A lot of the newer appliances have motion detectors and timers that you can access at home or at the office through your smartphone or smart device. Turning off your lights, or lowering the heat when no one is home, can easily be accessed more than ever. With this tech-savvy world we live in, becoming more energy effective and aware is a lot easier than it used to be!

Replace Incandescent Bulbs- A few year ago, manufacturers stopped producing 40-watt and 60-watt incandescent lightbulbs. Halogen bulbs, LED bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps are more energy conscious and last longer. Go through your house and check your lamps you may realize your throwing money down the drain. Replacing any of these old bulbs will bring you that much closer to an energy saving household.

Energy Star- Look out for energy friendly retail products and appliances that have earned the Energy Star label. They
meet new strict energy productivity standards that will help the environment and reduce your utility expenses.

There are plenty more tips and ideas on saving energy in your home just think outside of the box and you may find
your own DIY ways to save!


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