21 Creative Home Ideas

You'll love these clever ideas that will help you build a beautiful home. Creative and functional, these home hacks not only look good, but they save money, too!
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21 Creative Home Ideas

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You'll love these clever ideas that will help you build a beautiful home. Creative and functional, these home hacks not only look good, but they save money, too!

When slamming doors get on your nerves, silence them for good when you attach small furniture pads to the door jam. The pads, used to prevent furniture from scratching hardwood floors, will also help to soften the closure of the door. 


Image Source: HomeHacks

For a unique design element that adds just a pop of color and takes just minutes to DIY, paint the inside edges of your doors. Mask off the doors with painters tape, and use a small brush. Now for a money saving tip: many paint and home improvement stores offer free sample paint that could be used for this project! 


Image Source: Radical Possiblity

Create a professional flower arrangement with this ingeniuous hack that uses common tape. Form a grid with the tape that will then hold up your stems as you make your display of blooms. 


Image Source: Apartment Therapy

This gorgeous city skyline lampshade can be created by you! The technique involves creating a pattern, then piercing a standard shade and allowing the light to shine through. 


Video Source: YouTube

Vintage-looking doorknobs hung in a bathroom make charming towel holders! Why haven't we thought of this idea before? 


Image Source: Sublime Decor

Not just for wine! This elegant rack makes a nice towel holder in the bathroom. 


Image Source: flickr

Turn an old piano into a wonderful bookshelf! What an elegant idea for a music room or family living area.


Image Source: Home and Garden Design Ideas

This laundry room helper is a cute and practical way to store those temporaily single socks. Make it yourself by painting or stenciling a message and attaching common clothespins. 


Image Source: Esty

Don't hide your key under the mat or a potted plant. Instead, use this genius home hack to have that extra key stay secure. Glue a pine cone to the lid of an empty medicine bottle. Insert your key, screw on the lid, and bury the bottle in your yard, allowing the pine cone to stay above ground for easy access. 


Image Source: Factory Direct Craft

Here is a free way to hold those plastic bags and keep them from becoming a mess. Simply use a thumbtack to secure an empty tissue box to the inside of your kitchen cabinet or pantry door. Stuff the box with your bags, and you are done!


Image Source: familyhandyman.com

Arrange photo frames into a heart for an impactful, yet cozy display. First lay out your design, with your frames, using drawing paper. Mark each spot. Next, hang the paper on the wall. You'll know exactly where to nail the hooks! 

A simple magnetic strip keeps grooming items hand and organized. 


Image Source: Brit.co

Sew a playhouse tablecloth for a fun idea that is charming and keeps children entertained.


Image Source: Meaningful Mama

Create geometric wreaths for your home decor. These are made out of inexpensive drinking straws!


Image Source: Vintage Revivals

Turn an old CD rack into a cool divided shelf for bathroom organizing.


Image Source: itsybitsandpieces

Hang your heels using cuts of crown molding, attached to your closet wall.


Image Source: Indulgy

Make an Anthropologie paper chandelier for pennies when you secure cupcake liners.


Image Source: make+hous

Use costume jewelry to make pretty tie backs for your curtains.


Image Source: Dishfunctional Design

Use sharpie markers to draw designs on clear light bulbs. When the lights are turned on, they will cast playful shadows in the room. 


Image Source: 101woonideen

Coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter for a fun and festive look for your lamps. 

Cut out state shapes from a map and use heart stickers to indicate places you have lived or places your cherished loved ones reside. Frame the states in glass. This would make a nice gift idea for grandparents!


Image Source: One Woman's Haven


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