10 Home Decor Essentials for Star Wars Fans

The release of two big Star Wars installations, the video game Star Wars Battlefront and the blockbuster movie Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens has re-ignited the fan base, particularly in home decor.
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10 Home Decor Essentials for Star Wars Fans

Interior Design Trends | Brandon Smith


The release of two big Star Wars installations, the video game Star Wars Battlefront and the blockbuster movie Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens has re-ignited the fan base, particularly in home decor.

Man caves, childrens’ rooms and gamers’ desks are taking a turn for the dark side (or light) with these hot additions.



1. Vinyl Wall Clock

Artist Roman Syvyh turns old vinyl records into stunning works of art with his online company Vinylastico. Whether you want a wall clock that fits the Star Wars theme, or you prefer Batman or Harry Potter, he’s got the styles for you.


2. Reversible Bed Comforter

Decorative children’s bed spreads are available on many sites, but this Star Wars themed one is reversible and its neutral colors let you to match many room color palettes.


3. Garage/Bar stools

Working on your podracer or repairing your astromech droid on the garage? These stools are the perfect height and comfort level for most mechanically-inclined greasemonkeys.


4. Lawn Ornaments

It is time for you to accept that your bulbous inflatable Santa snow globe and Frosty the Snowman lawn ornaments are out of date and unfashionably tacky. Despite Star Wars taking place “a long time ago,” these trendy lawn ornaments will make your neighbors envious of your intergalactic sense of holiday style.


5. Wall Decals

For easy installation and a cheap decoration, wall decals offer you removable stickers without the gooey residue. Many sites offer custom Star Wars decals that read "Sith Lord Brandon" or "Jedi Master Mark." Much less hassle than hand-painting the words yourself, these decals add great nerdy style to kids' and game rooms alike.


6. Christmas Stockings

Santa may be a little bitter when you replace him with a Yoda lawn ornament, so make life easier for him when he checks his naughty list and looks for your sock over the fireplace. Good thing your Darth Vader stocking is already black so the coal doesn't mess it up.


7. Outlet Covers

Classic Star Wars Fans of the Classic Star Wars trilogy (Episodes IV, V, and VI) will appreciate the 70's-themed outlet covers for light switches. These can be ordered for several sizes of switches, outlets or GFI covers. If you're not enthused about the Dark Side theme, check out homemade ones on Etsy and Ebay for your color and Force side preference.


8. Paintings and Prints

The adult version of posters, thousands of Star Wars themed paintings allow fans to tailor their walls to their individual tastes. Contemporary, pop, comic book or avant garde styles all put the onus of responsibility on you to pick the best for your room.


9. BB-8 Droid Desktop Lamp

ThinkGeek.com has a fantastic selection for all your nerdy wants. This interactive droid lamp is based off of the orange-striped BB-8 model in the upcoming film. Although it doesn't make any droid sounds, this small desk light will chase away the dark.


10. Throw Pillow Set

Don't fear if your spouse or children prefer the Rebel Alliance over the Imperials. This pillow set lets them both argue in comfort. You can also find different sets of main characters, bounty hunters and droids on this site. Just be glad these don't come in replicas of Jar-Jar Binks.


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