10 Clever Uses For Dryer Sheets

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10 Clever Uses For Dryer Sheets

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If you are only using dryers sheets in the dryer, then your home is missing out. Natural odor and static tamers, dryer sheets can perform all sorts of personal and household feats. Here are 10 clever uses you’ll love.


Pick up Pet Hair

When it looks like you have enough dog hair to make a whole new dog, a dryer sheet can come to the rescue. Its built-in clingy surface is a magnet for stray pet hair. Just rub the dryer sheet over the spot where the hair collects, be it floor or furniture.

Show Door Sparkle

The key to a sparkling glass shower door may already be in your laundry room. Take a used dryer sheet and dampen it. Then run it over your glass shower door. The dryer sheet will remove water stains and soap scum with no need for harsh cleaners. 

Static Cling is Not the Thing

Static cling is a problem, whether it is on clothing, hair, computer screens or TV screens. Static can be removed from any of these surfaces with a quick swipe of a dryer sheet. 

Dirty Dishes No More

One of the best tricks that a dryer sheet can perform is to remove the baked on mess in a pan or baking dish. Fill the dish or pan with warm, not hot, water and lay the dryer sheet in the bottom. Let the mess sit this way overnight. In the morning, the food will be loosened, allowing the pan or dish to be cleaned with ease.  

Workshop Helper

To get up fine sawdust that results after wood working projects, rub a dryer sheet over the sawdust to pick it up. This is not only a more effective method than sweeping, it also prevents the particles from flying around in the air, the way they would if they were swept with a broom, saving your lungs as well as your floors.

Eat the Odor

To tame smelly shoes, place one dryer sheet in each shoe and let them sit overnight. The dry sheets will absorb the odors and will transform your shoes from offensive to fresh. This is also a good trick for the gym bag, sports bag or suitcase. 

No Fuss No Must

When your copy of Pride and Prejudice doesn’t make your proud due to its musty smell, place a dryer sheet between the pages to remove the unpleasant aroma. 

Simple Sachet

Forget making your own sachet. That is too much work. Instead, just place a dryer sheet at the bottom of your drawer to keep it smelling fresh and clean. 

Dust Those Blinds

Make a dreaded task easier thanks to those versatile dryer sheets. Close the blinds and run a dryer sheet up and down the slats. The dust will seem to jump into the dryer sheet on its own. 

No More Tangles

Prevent thread and string from tangling, whether it is the fine thread used for sewing or the string of a kite, by rubbing it along a dryer sheet. The thread or string will slip past itself instead of tying itself in knots.



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