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Improve Your Home and Your Quality of Life with a Home Elevator
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Need a Lift?

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Improve Your Home and Your Quality of Life with a Home Elevator

There is no getting around it. In a multi-story home, a good portion of daily living takes place upstairs. Are you at the point where the grandparents are making excuses to get out of climbing those stairs for the kids’ favorite bedtime stories? Perhaps the nest is empty and you are at a critical juncture deciding whether that flight of stairs is ultimately going to be the reason you have to leave the home you love. Fortunately there is no need to move—or disappoint the kids. Instead you can improve both your home and the quality of your life with a customized home elevator. Whether traditional or a modern pneumatic vacuum design, your elevator will be low maintenance and complete with a backup generator that insures a gentle glide to the floor in the event of a power outage. Choose the color and finish that complement your décor, then step in and enjoy the ride. 

Using little energy for the ascent and nothing but gravity on the descent, pneumatic vacuum elevators offer a safe, smooth lift that is also energy efficient. The installation process can be completed in about 2 to 3 days, with very little space or interruptions required. 

For a more stylish and easily accessible home, trust your elevator installation needs to Total Access. Offering a variety of the highest quality and safest elevators on the market, Total Access products adhere to both ADA and ADAAG standards. Their team of highly trained technicians can handle preventative maintenance, for continued safety and reliability. Total Access offers sales and service for traditional elevator drive systems as well as other mobility products, such as stair, vehicle, wheelchair and pool lifts. Call Total Access for a free consultation at 877-333-LIFT or visit their website for more information,


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