Home Decor Can Affect Health and Happiness

What you choose to put into your home can affect your sense of well-being.
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Home Decor Can Affect Health and Happiness

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What you choose to put into your home can affect your sense of well-being.

In a recent HomeGoods survey, a majority of home dwellers “felt a room’s home decor can positively or negatively affect their mood.” This isn’t a surprise to many professional interior decorators, scientists and home specialists, who have long believed that what you choose to put into your home can affect your sense of well-being.

Wall Color

Numerous studies prove that wall color can affect your mood. “There is a psychology of colors,” says Teresa Tocco-Davenport, owner of Absolute Living Today, a full service residential and commercial interior decorating and design firm in New Jersey. “A lot of people don’t realize this.” If you find yourself feeling depressed or drained of energy after spending time in one of your rooms, it might be time to change your wall color to something brighter. 

Wall color can also influence mental and physical health. We have long known that looking at certain shades of blue can reduce your appetite, for example, and that red can enhance it. “You don’t want blue in a restaurant,” Tocco-Davenport says. 

Home Lighting

A full 46 percent of people in the HomeGoods study linked bad lighting to bad moods, when talking about a room that affected them negatively.

If you are suffering from frequent headaches or colds, or emotional stress, your home’s lighting could be the blame. Too much or too little light could affect you physically or emotionally; poor lighting conditions can cause eye strain and immune system suppression (according to study published in the Royal Society scientific journal), while an excess of artificial light in a room may leave some feeling nervous and stressed.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) sufferers need plenty of natural light (or an accurate substitute) in the home to feel better. 


Staring at clutter in a disorganized home can be depressing. An organized harmonious space can lift mood and impart a sense of well-being. Many homeowners turn to professional organizers to help rescue a space as well as the mood. 

Peter Walsh, organizing guru and author of It’s All Too Much, writes advises that letting go of physical clutter can release emotional baggage as well. 

Some rooms suffer not from traditional clutter but a sense of harmony. Mismatched pieces that are more garage sale than eclectic can leave people feeling frazzled. Purposefully surrounding yourself with the things you love can make you happy. 

Being happy and healthy at home is something all of us should have the privilege to enjoy. 




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