Everything Old Looks New Again Restore Rugs and Hardwood with State of the Art Technology

Learn how to get your carpets restored safely.
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Everything Old Looks New Again Restore Rugs and Hardwood with State of the Art Technology

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Learn how to get your carpets restored safely.

It’s not easy being floor decor. No feature of home design faces a tougher challenge than that which is beneath our feet. Though they are often among our priciest investments, our rugs and floors are by their very nature the most abused possessions in the house. When your once colorful and artistic floors and carpets begin to succumb to years of foot traffic and neglect, they negatively impact the rest of your surroundings as well. They still make a statement, but it’s not anything you want to hear. Nope, it’s not easy being floor decor.

It is easy to reverse the process. Using state of the art, environmentally friendly chemicals, today’s carpet restoration professionals can breathe new life into those tired, dirty floor coverings. forget about the harsh, toxic chemicals of the past that were just as likely to damage your rugs as clean them. Using a low pH formula that is approved for the natural dyes in handmade pieces and antique fabrics, restoration experts can now guarantee that your valuables will be not only thoroughly but safely cleaned. Easily loosening deep stains and ground in dirt, this process has been proven more effective than steam cleaning. In as little as an hour or two, your rejuvenated rugs will be dry and ready to wow family and friends.

If it is your wood floors that are screaming for attention, be aware that floor restoration is not the nightmare it once was. Thanks to the latest innovations in sand free refinishing, your hardwood floors can shine like new with minimal fuss and inconvenience.

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