Home Office Ideas You Will Love

A home office is a space to gather your thoughts, get work done, and focus. Who says it cannot be fun as well? You spend a lot of your time in this space, so you should love it. These ideas work in many types of spaces, and these ideas are hand selected favorites of ours. We hope you can use and enjoy them!
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Home Office Ideas You Will Love

Home Office | Mikaila Cordeau


A home office is a space to gather your thoughts, get work done, and focus. Who says it cannot be fun as well? You spend a lot of your time in this space, so you should love it. These ideas work in many types of spaces, and these ideas are hand selected favorites of ours. We hope you can use and enjoy them!

  1. Small Space
  • Out of the way

You may not have a ton of room, but want to add an office space. These ideas are sure to be out of the way and still be spectacular.   


  • Transitional

Transitional office spaces are great for space savers because you get to use the same space for multipurposes. The two ideas pictured are vanities and office spaces.  


  • Hide- Away

Another space saving idea is the fold-up desk. They can be part of a dresser, china cabinet, storage spot or it’s own on the wall, fold-up desk. Just add a chair and you are ready to get to work.


  • Basement Hide-Away

You can add an office space under any set of exposed stairs, but in the basement you get a little extra privacy.


2. A Planner’s Dream

  • Fun Organizational Calendars

Scheduling does not have to be a drag anymore, add some pep to your calendar. These ideas are fun and will get you excited to plan your weeks!


  • Color Coded

Organizing can be fun if you add some color. This is a great trick to keep organized!


  • Exposed storage

Your storage does not have to be hidden and away for it to look organized. You can incorporate the storage into your design.


3. Unique and Trendy

  • unique lamps

Light fixtures are a sure fire way to add style to any room. Play with light fixture ideas to brighten up your office.

  • Pops of color

Adding a bright colored desk, lamp or rug can create a unique style element to your office.  


  • unconventional furniture

The obvious way to be unique and trendy is by mixing up your furniture choices. Add some flair with different shapes, unique designer pieces and transparent furniture.  


  • Pop Art

Another simple way to add some trend setting elements to your office is with pop art. Pop art will really make your office Pop!


4. Playing with Color and Patterns

  • One Color Wonder

Using different shades of one color in a room design is trending right now. It is simple and not too much of a hassle. 


  • Adding a Pop of Animal Print

Anytime you want to be unique -- animal print is the answer.


  • patterned rugs

Area rugs are very trendy right now, and adding a pattern makes your office unique.


  • statement walls

You can take creative liberty with a statement wall. It can be a unique pattern or a bold color.


5. Industrial Chic

  • Minimal

Simple design elements and furniture make a room have an urban edge.   


  • Rustic Wood Details

Exposed rustic wood details are a very industrial chic design element.


  • Steel Details

The industrial movement and steel go hand in hand, so of course you should add it to your interiror design for an industrial look.


  • Colorless

Along the same lines of minimal design elements, colorless aspects give a modern urban feel.


6. An Artist's Workshop

  • Attic Space

An artist sees the world through different perspectives and adding your home office in the attic does just that.


  • Unique Furniture Pieces

Whether it be vintage seating choices, out of this world design pieces, or an eclectic assortment, an artist can have a lot of fun designing their work space.



  • Inspirational Work Space

An artist needs a space that will allow their creative juices to flow. These spaces will provide inspiration so their best work will be produced.



  • Printed Walls

An artistic touch to any room is a colorfully patterned wall.  


7. In The Family

  • His and Hers Office

You can share your work space with your loved one if you both need the use and privacy of an in home office space.


  • Child’s Play

Who says offices are just for adults? You can make a designated space for your little ones to play in.


8. Featured Home Office Designs


  • Interior Designer's Offices

These office ideas are from the hottest up and coming interior designers.

Patrick Mele


Lilly Bunn


Young Huh


  • Most pinned

This last look is the most pinned on our pinterest account: Home and Garden Design Ideas


Now you can get work done in a space you love to be in!


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