Create A Perfect Winter Atmosphere in Your Bedroom

As cold months are upon us, making a cozy space to sink into after a long day is important.
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Create A Perfect Winter Atmosphere in Your Bedroom

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As cold months are upon us, making a cozy space to sink into after a long day is important.

Preparing your bedroom for winter can create the perfect sanctuary to keep you from the wet and cold winter weather. Simple changes can make huge improvements and create a space that you will never want to leave. These ideas can help you transform your bedroom into a winter-friendly space that you will love.


Add a Fur Throw

A simple addition you can add to create a cozy winter space is a throw to your bed. A growing trend right now includes fur throws (or faux fur) to add texture to an already existing bedspread. Not only are these throws stylish, they are warm, which makes them perfect for cold months.


Add a Cable-Knit Throw

Similar to adding a fur throw, another great addition to winter bedding are cable-knit throws. These throws look great on existing bedding and also give great texture. Wayfair offers many stylish options of cable-knit throws and other throws as well.


Experiment With Lighting

Lighting creates ambiance in a room. Experimenting with different lighting can create the perfect atmosphere to get cozy and enjoy the winter months. Adding simple lighting to your headboard can make a great reading spot so you don’t even need to leave your bed.



Sheer curtains are perfect for spring and summer months, but for the winter, heavy curtains are not only important to keep heat in, they also create a warmer look. Installing blackout curtains are perfect way to get a good night sleep and also keep warmth in your bedroom during winter weather.


Duvet Covers

Changing the filling on your duvet is also a great way to make a difference in the winter months. Replacing your filling with a down filling gives a fluffy feeling to your bed and is also warm.


Add Candles

A simple winter fix is adding some candles to your bedroom decor. Not only does the lighting from the candle create a calm atmosphere, the scents can make your bedroom more relaxing. Trying out winter and seasonal scents is also a great way to add to the ambiance of the room.  Adding candles to your chandelier is also a good alternative.



Especially if you have hardwood floors, rugs make a perfect winter addition. Adding a sheepskin or shag rug to your bedroom can give great texture and also make it easier to step out of bed in the morning. Pottery Barn’s sheepskin rug comes in two different sizes and makes great bedside decor.


Make Use of Your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, take advantage of it. Fireplaces not only offer warmth, they offer great subtle lighting--perfect to relax. Fireplaces are the finishing touch to creating a perfect winter atmosphere.



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