Wonderous Walkways For Spring!

A walkway is the inviting trail into your threshold, so it must be functional but also a decorative piece in itself.
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Wonderous Walkways For Spring!

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A walkway is the inviting trail into your threshold, so it must be functional but also a decorative piece in itself.

Pathways do not always have to be basic concrete either.  Using materials like pebbles, wood and even grass are all unique ways to spice up that little road to your doorway. Here are some ideas that you might want to look at and use for your very own home.


1. Basic Slate

The first suggestion for an awesome walkway is to use basic slate tiles. This look is sleek and has clean defined lines. The path is clearly mapped out with blocks of pebbles for added texture.


2. Plant Fillers

This path has the spaces between each stepping stone/block has little plants that fill the gaps. This look is fresh and makes the path look like it has been there for centuries with growth. 


3. Stump Rings

If you have recently cut down a tree, this is the perfect walkway for you to create. Cut pieces like in the photo above and lay them the way you want. This idea brings in natural colors and shapes into your walkway to make it a stand out piece!


4. Pebbles

For a quick pathway, map out where you want it to flow and simply fill it with pebbles. Pebbles come in a variety of colors to choose from so you can match it to the style of your house. 


5. Fun Shapes

Get creative with what you put down. This idea has a pathway with flower-shaped tiles. The brown and gray color scheme is a great contrast against the green plants and red brick accents. 


6. Spiral Stones

Spirals in your yard are not only for stepping but also a piece of art. This intricate walkway looks fabulous and will definitely be something your guests will be talking about. 


7. Grass Lining

This last idea uses grass as a boarder and lining to the concrete walkway. This look is very defined and looks prestigious as if it was created for a palace!


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