Inspired Treehouse Designs

Treehouses can welcome you with peace, tranquilty and a connection with nature. Explore the following inspiring tree house designs.
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Inspired Treehouse Designs

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Treehouses can welcome you with peace, tranquilty and a connection with nature. Explore the following inspiring tree house designs.

There is just something in our DNA that responds to being up there, above the ground in a cozy little shelter. A good treehouse can transform a mood, offer a sense of adventure, or in more practical terms, provide an area for entertaining. The following treehouses will hopefuly inspire you to create your own.



Small and Simple

The design of this treehouse is reminiscent of a dollhouse. Its cute design, size, and short height from the ground make it ideal for young children or those with a child-like sensibility.



For the Adventurer in You

This treehouse, with its long wooden walk ways and great height, creates the sense of walking through the forest on an incredible expedition. Bring out your adventurous spirit with this design.



Full of Character

This colorful treehouse features a unique design with its multicolored windows and railings as well as its use of asymmetrical cutouts and siding. This birdhouse-like treehouse may be small, but it is big on originality.



Fun and Games

Whether you choose the ladder, the steps or the net, you can make your way to the top. With this treehouse comes swings hanging underneath and a climbing net around the back. Have fun with this design!



Forest Fantasy

This treehouse from Atlanta, Georgia features a rope bridge that leads from a set of wooden stairs to the treehouse itself. It also features working windows and fairy lights that elicit a sense of fantasy from this backwoods design. Feed your imagination with this creative treehouse.



Extend Your Treehouse Outward

This design in particular utilizes two trees. A rope bridge attaches the cone topped treehouse to a fenced-in lookout post making this design more dynamic and interactive for guests.



Rustic Treehouse

A rope bridge is also applied in this design. Aged wood siding adds a rustic flair and a sense of relaxation to this seemingly simple treehouse. 



Aboveground Playground

This treehouse integrates playground equipment into its design with a tire swing, climbing rope, and multiple ladders. Treehouses with fun and games comingled into their design make them the ideal type for growing families with adventurous children.



The Old Wood Cabin

A mini-cabin style is employed for this treehouse's premise. The cabin's simple styling give it a genuine feeling unlike most elaborately built structures. This treehouse makes up for its simiplicity with authenticity.



A Lakeside View

With this design, wooden steps lead up to a beautifully built lodge-style treehouse. The careful placement of this house creates a tranquil view of the nearby lake that would not have been possible otherwise. Enhance your property with a treehouse like this family did.



Short and Stout

This treehouse is not very far off the ground making it great for those afraid of heights or those with shorter trees on their property. The design of this house proves yet again that the height of a treehouse in no way takes away from its style and, if anything, makes treehouses accessible to more people.



The Comforts of Home

This is by far the most ambitious treehouse on the list with its complex, multi-storied design. Impressive features of this treehouse include working indoor lighting and windows as well as a full-fledged roof. This treehouse was made to feel almost like a real home making it excellent for entertaining guests.






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