Indoor Pools: The Perfect Year-Round Addition
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Indoor Pools: The Perfect Year-Round Addition

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Swimming pools are a unique addition to any home. They allow you to soak up the summer sun and cool off by taking a nice swim. Pools also give an outdoor alternative for kids to get outside and enjoy nice weather. They are a great way to get exercise and most importantly, they offer a much needed way to relax. However, all of the amazing benefits that pools have to offer can typically only be enjoyed for three to four months during warm weather. During the colder months, the pool is covered and can no longer be enjoyed and going swimming outside is out of the question. The desire to take a dip no matter the time of year can be fulfilled by installing an indoor pool.

Indoor pools are beneficial because they offer year-round use compared to the three to four month use of outdoor pools. They allow privacy because they are enclosed in your home, or you can make them open with a windowed room. The options are endless, but there are far more choices with indoor pool styles. A great way to enjoy an indoor pool in the summer is to make the roof retractable. A retractable roof allows you to enjoy the summer sun without actually being outside. This idea makes an indoor pool even more versatile because you do not lose the outside ambiance you get with an outdoor pool in the summer.

Another benefit to indoor pools is style. With outdoor pools, the options aren’t as large because weather plays a major factor in construction. Some materials cannot be used because they need to be able to withstand rain, snow, sleet, wind, etc. With a custom indoor pool, materials such as glass and ceramic can be used without the risk of unfavorable weather.

Create an indoor paradise with a pool by adding a slide, unique lighting, spas, seating, or even a gym. There are less design choices with an outdoor pool due to the uncontrollable weather, which is the upside to installing an indoor pool.

Although there are many benefits to indoor pools, there is also a lot, if not more upkeep compared to having an outdoor pool. Making sure proper pool installation measures are taken is very important. Proper ventilation is important so the pool chemicals and heat do not overwhelm the room. Heating the pool can cause a lot of humidity, so creating the proper dehumidification process will keep the area more enjoyable. Proper structure is key to installing or creating an indoor pool, so although it is not as fun as the design, make sure it is also a priority.

When it comes to a pool, enjoying it 365 days a year is definitely better than only enjoying it for 90 days. Installing an indoor pool is a great alternative to the traditional outdoor pool. Design the indoor pool of your dreams with a local pool contractor and the possibilities are endless.



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