Increase Your Living Space with an Outdoor Kitchen

Fall in love with your backyard again this summer when you take your meal preparation and entertainment outdoors with an outdoor kitchen.
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Increase Your Living Space with an Outdoor Kitchen

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Fall in love with your backyard again this summer when you take your meal preparation and entertainment outdoors with an outdoor kitchen.

Take your meal preparation and entertainment outdoors with an outdoor kitchen.

Stop hiding out in your kitchen during the warmer months. Nothing marks the start of the summer like a barbecue. An outdoor kitchen is much more than just a grill, it is a luxurious feature you shouldn’t have to live without. Most outdoor kitchens are equipped with a grill, sink, refrigerator and ample counter space. 

Outdoor kitchens keep you from having to make multiple trips between your entertaining space outside and your indoor kitchen. You can enjoy the company of your guests, without having to run back and forth to the inside of your house.

Other outdoor features you might want to consider when building your outdoor kitchen are food storage, a smoker, a pizza oven, a bar, a fire pit, lighting, ceiling fans, a television or entertainment center and a wine cooler.

Your outdoor kitchen design, and how elaborate it will be, will depend on the number of features that are important to you and your family. Consider building an island that can double as counter space as well as another dining area. It would be great for guests to be able to sit at the island and keep the chef company, as he prepares the meal.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the combination of features to include in or around your outdoor kitchen. Many homeowners opt to have an oven and warming drawers to complement their grill. Just like your indoor kitchen, don’t skimp on the counter space for your outdoor kitchen. The guideline is the same. You need room for food prep and display.

Outdoor kitchens may not only increase your social life, but also your home’s value. This will translate into extra sell power, if you ever decide to put your home on the real estate market. Outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas add living space to your home that would otherwise be unproductive.

You need to consider the location of your outdoor kitchen. It is best to build your outdoor kitchen free standing and away from your home. You do not want smoke from your grill or pizza oven wafting into the open windows of your home.

Choosing a place in your backyard that has level ground and is big enough for your entertaining needs is your first priority. Gazebos would work well with a freestanding outdoor kitchen. It would look stunning next to your pool, and it would provide shelter for your outdoor appliances during poor weather. An outdoor structure can also protect your guests from the sun’s harmful rays while they enjoy their food. Building a roof over your outdoor kitchen can ensure year round barbecues when you are feeling the winter blues, and cannot stand to be inside any longer.

Don’t forget lighting when it comes to your outdoor kitchen. You don’t want to stop the party when the sun goes down. Consider outdoor chandeliers to help create a classic, stunning ambiance at night. An outdoor fireplace would be the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen. It not only will help light up the night, but it would be a cozy place to gather for dessert. This extra seating area will come in handy for more year-round fun.

Who says you can only enjoy your backyard during the summer months? With careful planning and building, your outdoor kitchen and entertaining area can be enjoyed for practically all year long. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces adjacent to your covered, outdoor kitchen may be the perfect recipe for entertaining. Your guests will be impressed by your ability to entertain without hiding out in your kitchen all night long. Outdoor kitchens allow guests to feel like an active role in the preparation process. 

Fall in love with your backyard again this summer.

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