Growing Up: Build a Vertical Garden

Ideal for a limited space, vertical gardens will be making a comeback this summer.
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Growing Up: Build a Vertical Garden

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Ideal for a limited space, vertical gardens will be making a comeback this summer.

Gardening has been around since the very beginning. A healthy garden was, and continues to be, a source of food or pleasure. Eventually, gardening turned into more than just providing nutrition for the body, it turned into an aesthetic hobby. If you have been prized with a green thumb or are looking to spice up your outdoor living space, consider growing a vertical garden. It is not only space saving, but it can serve as a good focal point for any room or porch.

Vertical gardens, also known as green walls, living walls, biowalls or ecowalls, can be partially or completely covered with beautiful plant life. These walls are not limited to the outdoors either. Vertical gardens can also thrive indoors with proper sunlight. 

There are many reasons to start a vertical garden, other than the pure joy of having a unique garden feature at your home. A vertical garden can be used as a privacy screen. You can plant a vertical herb garden for your kitchen, or cover an entire side of your home for a dramatic and stunning statement piece. Instead of renovating an unattractive wall on your home or garage, just plant a vertical garden for an instant improvement. 

Plants that thrive in vertical gardens have relatively small roots. Succulents are a great choice, because they do well with very little water and have slow, shallow roots, not to mention they come in a wide range of color to brighten up any room. You also can’t go wrong with climbing vegetable and flowering plants.

Another option is growing a vertical garden in cylinders. These cylinders could hang to create a wall. The difference is in the privacy. The cylinders would not provide full coverage on either side of the wall. They are a free hanging option. You could hang these cylinders on your porch or gazebo to easily add beauty and scent to those areas of your home. 

Thanks to vertical options, gardens need no longer be limited to the ground.


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