Five Expert Tips for Winter Curb Appeal
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Five Expert Tips for Winter Curb Appeal

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Turn the gray days of winter to your advantage and brightening up your home's curb appeall with the following proven ideas. With a background of snow and ice, your house will become a winter wonderland, turning your neighbors green with envy. 

Plants That Flower in Winter

Winter beauties, be they flowering winter plants of colorful shrubs, can add color and delight to your home. Planted at the front, they will increase your curb appeal and may create some privacy as well. Some good blooming winter plants include:

  • Winter Hazel
  • Blue Holly
  • Camellia
  • Mahonias
  • Daphnes
  • Christmas Rose 

Install a Water Feature

In the stillness of a crisp winter’s day, the gentle sound and movement of a waterfall, fountain or pond will add charm to your home. When all else is still, an outdoor water feature can highlight your home and add both beauty and value. 

Yes, water features can be run all winter. Cut back water plants and keep everything free of fall leaves and debris. Fish in your pond will thrive, if you keep the pump running, and install an inexpensive aerator and a floating de-icer. A fountain running in the winter may require a part time heater. A professional landscape designer can offer advice and ideas for your perfect winter water feature. 

Enhance Your Entry Door

A bright splash of color on your entry door will show wonderfully against the white snow. Choose a bold color, such as red or bright blue and paint your door with an exterior semi-gloss paint. Get started now, because the paint must be applied when temperatures are above 50 degrees to dry the paint properly. 

By the way, now might also be a good time to upgrade your entry door. Switching from a wood or vinyl door to a steel door increases your home value. 

Warm Lighting

There is a reason we all love to drive around the neighborhood looking at holiday lights. They are warm, festive and add interest to a home when done correctly. Take this fact and extend it to your home’s curb appeal in one of two ways:

  • Wrap white holiday lights around trees, fountains, birdbaths, stairs, and other attractive elements of your outdoors that you would like to highlight. Leave them up and lit all winter.
  • Hire a professional lighting designer and install outdoor lighting that works best for your property. A good design should include several types of lights for the outdoors.

Install a Custom Mailbox

A bright, well-maintained mailbox signals to everyone that you care about your home and are proud of even the little details. Upgrade your mailbox or simply add some color with inexpensive spray paint that will look wonderful against the black and white landscape of winter. 

For a complete look, color coordinate your mailbox with your new upgraded entry door. 


Image Source: Outdoor Holiday Decor


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