Enhancing Your Backyard with Garden Art

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Enhancing Your Backyard with Garden Art

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Have you ever felt like your backyard is missing something or lacking character? Then consider adding some much needed flair to your landscape with diverse art pieces that reflect your own personal style!

Garden art are most commonly made from wood, tile, metal, glass as well as stained glass, and come in a variety of different types that fit most design preferences. Wooden and aged metal art is ideal for those who favor a rustic style while colorful designs fit to those who prefer a lively styling of their garden.

Art pieces can be found at a number of places in your area. Garden supply stores and local flea markets are great places to find well-made garden decor, and many home goods stores also offer art that would fit right in to your garden. You can even consider creating your own original pieces!




Floral art is great for those with a brown thumb. Now you can have beautiful flowers in your garden without all the responsibility of maintaining them.



Functional Art

Some art is even functional such as this birthbath inspired piece.



Bright Butterflies

Light up your garden at night with this art.



Aged Metal Pieces

Rustic style art pieces are always popular for garden. These pieces are also made from recycled materials, so they are good for your garden and the environment!



Glass Figures

Beautiful glass figures like this bird can make a plain garden more elegant.



Practical Art

Turn a simple idea like garden stakes into colorful art pieces.



Lively Characters

Add some character with these rustic dragonflies.



DIY Garden Art

Homemade art can be the best kind of art! Use a bowling bowl and colored tiles to make a beautiful mosaic art piece for your garden.






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