Wine Cork Projects

Pop open that wine bottle for a night in with the girls, dinner with your husband or relaxing by yourself watching the latest series on Netflix- just don’t throw out that wine cork right yet! Wine corks are so versatile and have such a great texture that can add a touch of nature in any room in the house.
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Wine Cork Projects

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Pop open that wine bottle for a night in with the girls, dinner with your husband or relaxing by yourself watching the latest series on Netflix- just don’t throw out that wine cork right yet! Wine corks are so versatile and have such a great texture that can add a touch of nature in any room in the house.

Start saving your wine corks after use, if not already doing so, and in a few months, you can start your own wine cork project! If you already have some put away, then you can start crafting right now. With infinite ideas of ways you can decorate with your cork supply, you’re going to want to be sure to save them before you think of throwing them out.

   Every home could use a unique wreath to correlate with the season or holiday.  A great way for a allergy free home is creating a wine cork wreath versus real flowers. Whether you’ve been saving your corks or if you need to buy them, this project will affordably cost you under $40. What you’ll need for this project will be around 200 wine corks, 20 mini glue sticks, 1 mini hot glue gun, 14” Styrofoam wreath, 7 yards of any color ribbon, 2 ft ribbon bow, 4 ft brown craft paper, 100 satin sewing pins and 1 bottle of tacky glue.  Step one: Lay out some newspaper outside on a table or a craft fixture. Heat up your glue gun, insert a glue stick, and put aside.  Step two: Lay out the Styrofoam wreath and begin to glue, bottoms down or on the side (your preference to be as creative as possible), and start to glue them in a circular, consistent direction around the wreath.  Step three: Let completely dry for up to 3-4 hours either outside or in an air flowing area.  Step four: Once the corks are entirely glued to the wreath you can add your accent ribbons.  Cut your colored ribbon to the size of your liking  with your glue gun dot around the outside of the wreath and in a curvy-type motion, layering every inch or so, glue down the ribbon.   This will make a unique design on the wreath.  Step five: Lastly, with your glue gun, in the very middle of the wreath, make a few dots in a circular path and place your large bow to seal it to the wreath.

   Who would ever think that wine corks could be transformed into small planters? Well they can and they’re super cute! Since they’re small you can make them into magnets that you can attach to your fridge or put on anything that has steel or iron components.  These also make great gifts for friends and family. For this venture you’ll need as many magnets and wine corks as your want; regarding as many you want to make. You will also need 1 mini hot glue gun, 4-5 mini glue sticks, a screw driver, a pairing knife, some soil and succulent clippings. Step one: Get out your pairing knife and assemble your corks. Work over a box, newspaper or craft table to contain the cork carvings. Step two: Punch a hole in the cork with the head of a screwdriver. Step three: Carve out a hole in the cork by taking your paring knife and wiggling it around (Tip: Make sure your hole goes about halfway down the cork.) Step four:  With your glue gun, dot your magnets with a sufficient amount of glue and attach onto your corks. Step five: Fill your mini cork planters with soil and plant your trimmings into the cork, creating a succulent cork planter!

   Any occasion, a wedding, a holiday dinner or just a special event you may need to make card holders. Wine cork place card holders are quick and easy to make and look fabulous! For this project you will need card stock of your choice, sandpaper or a palm sander, a block of wood, and a fine-toothed razor blade or hand saw. Step one: Use a handy clamp, if have, or something stable to put the cork on. If you don’t have a palm sander, wrap your sand paper around the block of wood and sand the bottom of the cork (this will prevent the cork from rolling off a flat surface like a plate or table.) Step two: Using your razor blade or saw cut a groove in the opposite side of the flattened end. Step three: Simply slide your place card into this groove. You’re now ready to plan your next party or social event!

   You know that old piece of furniture you have hiding out in your garage or storage facility? You can now do something with it with this project.  Cover the top of a piece of old furniture like a recycled or old table with wine corks which creates a brilliant conversation piece for any part of your house. 

Depending on your hardware or craft expertise, you can create your own cork table! Buy your own plywood from your local hardware store.  You will need plywood, cedar wood, clear wood glue, wood stain and a sheet of thick glass (optional) to complete this project. (Tip: you will need to measure out some of these materials to adjust to your corresponding table). Step one: Cut down the wine corks so they will all be about the same height. Step two: Glue the corks down, in whatever pattern you prefer, flat onto the piece of plywood or old furniture piece.  Allow the corks to go over the edge of the plywood a bit, so that when done drying you can trim down if necessary. Step two: Encase the flat board of corks with pieces of Cedar wood. Step three: Stain the wood to your liking starting from the legs and then coat the rest of the table. Step four: Lastly, add a finishing touch with adding a piece of glass to the top of the tables structure. This rustic yet clean and modern table is a great accent for your home.

   Coming home and having a glass of wine after a long day at work or running errands can be the ultimate relaxation-just don’t forget to save those corks!


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