Spice Up Your Home With Some DIY Valentine's Day Decor

With the most romantic time of year just around the corner; it is time to add a bit of holiday flair to your home so everyone can feel the love this Valentine's Day.
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Spice Up Your Home With Some DIY Valentine's Day Decor

Clever DIY Ideas | Mikaila Cordeau


With the most romantic time of year just around the corner; it is time to add a bit of holiday flair to your home so everyone can feel the love this Valentine's Day.

What better way to show your family you love them than with some DIY crafts that remind them they are loved. Since you may be stuck inside due to the bitter weather, take the opportunity to let your creative side run free. Below you will learn some easy and affordable ways to decorate your home for Valentine's Day. Since Christmas has just ended you can also find lots of decor that is on sale that can be used for Valentines Day.


1.Chalk up the Love

Buy an old frame or use one you have lying around, and keep the cardboard insert in or cut an old box to fit the frame. Paint the cardboard insert with chalkboard paint (which runs for about $5-$10), and then decorate with chalk. You can make it any size you like, and you can reuse this not just for valentine's day, but you for other holidays or even just a reminder board in the kitchen for groceries.


2. Floating in Love

Find a decorative bowl and fill with water. Then buy little floating heart candles or even just red and pink floating candles (which run from $4-$10). Adorn the water with flower petals and enjoy the romantic ambience.


3. Paint Your Heart Out

This DIY idea will allow you to take creative liberties. Find a frame and then cut a piece of paper, preferably watercolor paper if you are going to use watercolor paints, or really any paper. Paint a creative heart or any image that reminds you of love. In this example, you can use a heart stencil and paint alternating vertical lines in pink, red and mauve. If you feel like painting is not your thing, you can do the same idea and use lipstick instead of paint. Make it your own and let your imagination take over.

Tip: If you do not have a heart stencil you can draw the heart in light pencil as guide.


4. Eat Your Heart Out

The trick to this DIY is two vases. If you fill a vase with candy hearts and add flower with water, your water will turn an awful color! Grab two vases. One should be able to fit nicely within the other. Fill the outer vase with sweetheart candies, and then adorn the inner vase with some beautiful flowers. You can also fill the outer vase with red and pink flower petals or valentines colored (red, silver and pink) Hershey kisses.


5. Story of Our Love

If you aren't the crafty type, you can opt to buy this decoration from etsy.com. It is called vintage book rose wreath. If you are up for the challenge you can do a quick YouTube search for DIY Paper Wreaths which will give you tutorials so you can make it yourself. This idea does not have to be done in book pages, but it does gives it added character.


6. Frame Our Love


Either you can buy or use an old picture frame. Then use your computer to create with clipart or any writing you choose, and print it on either bought design paper or regular white printer paper. With this idea you can choose to do what is in the provided picture or you can make it personal and write a love letter to your significant other. Also you can copy the idea of placing silver balls into a jeweled dish (refer to picture below). You can even fill a decorative bowl with red and silver jewelry.


7. Ornamental Love

This is when you can buy discounted ornaments left over from Christmas or don’t put your ornaments away just yet, you can use ones that you already have, red, silver, gold, pink, or any heart shaped ornaments. Hang them from different lengths of ribbons or strings anywhere you have a good amount of space to do so. I suggest laying the ornaments out on a table or the floor to get an idea of how you can hang them and what lengths the ribbon needs to be so it will create the heart shape.

8. Ribbon of Love

 Make your own wreath by tying bows around a metal ring. You can use patterned ribbons (as pictured) or you can choose glittered ribbon or solid colored ribbon.


9. Swaying Love


Use old books and use a heart stencil to draw heart outlines throughout the book, then cut out the hearts. Then tape or glue the hearts along a piece of string. You can make the hearts different sizes and you can leave space between the hearts or have them overlap. Once you have made about 10 of the stings filled, then you can hang them from the ceiling or a chandelier, or wherever you see fit.


10. Light Of  Love

Buy Medium thick pillar candles preferably white, and you can sometimes find discounted twine after the holidays, and wrap the twine around the candle tightly together, wrap about 15- 20 times depending on the height of the candle (you can either tightly tie the twine to the candle or glue the twine). Then buy pink and red felt and cut out using a heart stencil a few hearts of different sizes. Then Glue (hot glue gun works well) the felt hearts to the twine. Tip: If you do not have heart stencils you can print hearts from the computer and cut out the hearts and use the printed hearts as a stencil.


11. Quoted Love

This idea is great if you have a steady hand. You can either paint a pattern on a canvas or you can buy a plain print canvas. On the canvas if you choose to paint a design, wait for the design to completely dry first, then paint your favorite romantic quote either from a book or movie. If you and your significant other have a favorite romantic movie you can take a quote from that or if you two have an inside joke this would be a great way to express your relationship. Attach ribbon with hot glue to the canvas in a U shape and hang the finished piece wherever you see fit.  Tip: It is a good idea to practice writing out the quote in paint on a the same size you are going to use so your finished project will be perfect and you will have an idea of how big to make the letters.


12. Starry Night

Use vintage mason jars and fill with discounted Christmas lights or don’t put all your lights away just yet and make sure you set the jars up near an outlet. You can also decorate the outside of the jars if you want to add more holiday flair.


13. Jar of Hearts

Decorating mason jars is always easy and fun. Cut some hearts in red wool felt, then cut about a foot of white chunky string, place the doily on the jar (you can dab a dot of glue to keep the doily in place), then place the felt heart on the doily and wrap the string around the felt heart. Tip: You can fill the jars with heart candies or any red and pink candies.


14. Candied Love

This is the easiest one, just fill clear decorative containers with pink candies. You can use tall vases, jars, or just dishes. Tip: You can always just add pink or red flowers anywhere in the home to give the valentine feel.


Many of these ideas give you the ability to change it up and add your own personal touch. Also keep some of these ideas in mind to use for other holidays. Use your imagination and Have Fun!




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