Pallet DIY Projects
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Pallet DIY Projects

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There are so many wonderful ways to recycle wooden pallets. Once considered just waste lumber, a wooden pallet can be practically anything you want it to be, from art to furniture. Crafting pallet furniture is especially fun, because not only do you use your creativity, but at the end of your project, you'll have a functional item for your home. 

Some entrepreneurs have caught on to the popularity of recycling wooden pallets by providing them at a cost. While purchasing wood pallets can be convenient, there are still many ways to get these gems of the DIY world without spending a dime.  

Where can I get free wood pallets? 

To find free material for your DIY pallet project, look for businesses that get deliveries on pallets. They will probably be willing to give you however many that you need. Always ask before you take anything. A business may already have a plan for selling or recycling the wood.

Some companies and locations that often have free wooden pallets are:

  • Pet food stores
  • Feed stores
  • Furniture stores
  • Newspaper and printing companies
  • Construction sites
  • Grand openings of large chain stores.

You can also check online ads or update your social media status to ask for pallets. 

Looking for DIY ideas? Enjoy our pallet gallery below. 













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