How One Woman Turned a Craigslist Find into the Perfect Custom Pantry
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How One Woman Turned a Craigslist Find into the Perfect Custom Pantry

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Elaine Mellon of Collingdale, PA needed to solve a problem. How to own a custom kitchen pantry that suited her family’s needs perfectly, without spending the custom price.

“This piece was inspired by necessity,” Mellon says. “I wanted a pantry, but the ready made ones I considered seemed as shoddy as they were expensive, and I needed one that would cover the entire wall. Building one from scratch seemed like a lot of hard work, so I started to think creatively.”

Mellon knew that transforming an existing piece would make the most sense. She first thought about adapting Billy bookcases from Ikea, but they were too deep and didn’t have the appeal she was seeking. “I can't say how a China hutch popped into my mind, but once I thought of it, I seriously turned the idea over in my mind, mentally stocking one with what I needed to keep in a pantry. From there, I started looking on Cragislist and Facebook groups for the right China hutch for my wall.”

The cost of transformation was minimal: the price of the hutch was a steal. Additional supplies included two quarts of oil paint, a good brush, 180 grit sandpaper, a roll of contact paper, four sticky tiles and one can of silver spray paint.  “The biggest expense was for knobs and handles.” The only “complicated” tool she used was an orbital sander.

Mellon’s new pantry includes custom storage for cans, spices, boxed goods, coffee and cocoa, and linens. The blue drawer boxes and other details give this pantry pop. Convenient features, such as a beverage station and power outlets for appliances, make it all family friendly. 

For anyone who wants to try this DIY decor idea for themselves, Mellon has a few tips to share:

  • Use oil paint for durability in the kitchen
  • Paint several really thin coats to avoid drips
  • Replace the old glass, which can be thin. If it breaks it will fracture into sharp shards.  She used .75 " thick board from HomeDepot, but curtains are another option.
  • Paint the back and drawer boxes a contrasting color for a wow factor
  • Save money by reusing as much hardware as you can and spray painting to match.  She reused hinges, screws and the plates behind knobs.





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Leslie Petersheim
This is such a great DIY project!! You can never have enough kitchen storage. Thanks for sharing.