Four Unusual Things You Can Make Out of Peanuts
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Four Unusual Things You Can Make Out of Peanuts

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The little peanut is packed with protein, making it an idea snack, but it is far more useful than as just an ordinary food. Go ahead and grab a bulk bag of peanuts from your local warehouse store or farmer’s market and start making some fabulous things for your home, all out of peanuts.


Peanuts have two things going for them when it comes to art. They are normally a neutral color, a blank slate so to speak, and they are a funny shape. They also look vaguely human. Okay, that is three things. Grab some peanuts, a frame or canvas, and some craft supplies, and go, well, nuts. 

Meanwhile, check out photographer Nailia Schwarz for inspiration. 

Peanut Soap

Peanuts naturally have some good fats in them, making the peanut an ideal base for homemade soap. It results in a soap that is also a good skin conditioner. Mix peanut oil with water, coconut oil and lye to make a descent soap. Follow any basic soap making recipe, limiting the peanut oil to about 15 percent of the oil in your soap. We wouldn’t suggest adding jelly.

Peanut Shampoo

Why should your body have all of the fun? Making peanut shampoo is easier than making peanut soap. There are several basic peanut shampoo recipes you can follow such as this one featured in the blog Permed to Natural. 

Peanut Seat Cushions

Massage your bum and make a brilliant home fashion statement at the same time when you craft seat cushions out of whole peanuts in the shell. Sew your cushion, filling it with the peanuts. They will offer amazing support and cushioning. For extra durability, insert a layer of cotton batting.

By the way, in addition to crafting with peanuts, feel free to eat all the little legumes that you want (as long as you don’t have an allergy). Peanuts are brain food, and some studies have shown that eating a lot of them can actually make you smarter. 


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