DIY Decor: Ready Made Curtains

Perk up a room with ready made curtain panels that you install yourself.
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DIY Decor: Ready Made Curtains

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Perk up a room with ready made curtain panels that you install yourself.

Perk up a room with ready made curtain panels that you install yourself. 

Ready made curtain panels come in a wide variety of styles, colors and patterns. They can be very convenient, as there is no waiting for a custom order to come in; just pick up a pair from any number of national stores, such as Target, Walmart, Home Depot or IKEA. Buying panel curtains at a retail store can be very cost effective.

The easiest curtains to hang are tab top or grommet style curtains; however, if you fall in love with rod pocket curtain panels but want to make them more convenient to hang and easier to open and close, simply purchase and attach special clip-on rings to convert the rod pocket style curtains to ring curtains.  Some tab style curtain panels come with the tabs on the back. These tabs aren’t visible from the front, and they make attractive soft folds in the curtains when hung.

If you need new rods to hang your curtain, know that most off-the-shelf kits contain all the mounting hardware that you need, making the install a breeze. A telescoping rod lets you choose just the right width for your window, so there is no there is a little room for error in the measuring. 

Measure your window from the floor to just above the window casing to get the minimal length you will need. Of course you can trick the eye into thinking you have higher ceilings, when you mount your curtains a few additional inches above the casing.  

Each panel should be at least as wide as the window. This will give you a professional look when the curtains are closed. The rod brackets should be mounted six inches outside of the window frame on either end, to allow the panels to be pushed completely open from the glass. 



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