25 Clever Reuse and Repurpose Ideas for the Home

Reusing or repurposing something we already have instead of buying new cannot only be a responsible action, but a fun one, too.
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25 Clever Reuse and Repurpose Ideas for the Home

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Reusing or repurposing something we already have instead of buying new cannot only be a responsible action, but a fun one, too.

Not only do we have a responsibility to take care of our individual homes, but we also have one to take care of our global home, the Earth. Living in harmony with our environment can take place in the space of the little things. 

Solving a common problem with an unusual solution shows ingenuity and creativity, as well as responsibility. Plus, reusing and repurposing common items for household use can be good for the budget, as well. 

Enjoy the following 25 reuse ideas for the home. 

  1. Use grosgrain ribbon as curtain ties. Ask your local sewing shop for ribbons ends you can have for free. 
  2. A stand alone toothbrush holder can be used to display cut flower stems.
  3. A no-longer used folding screen can be turned sideways and used as a decorative headboard.
  4. When your child outgrows her jump rope, employee it as a ribbon for gift wrapping.
  5. An old enamel bucket can make a nice vintage-style wastebasket.
  6. Replace worn or uninspired bathroom knobs with hooks for hanging towels, clothes, etc.
  7. Upgrading your wine rack? Use the old one to store scarves, sweaters or towels. Just roll them first.
  8. Paper maps, even those free ones you have laying around, can be used as gift wrapping paper.
  9. Those office binder clips can be used to hold cards upright for display on a mantle, table or desk. 
  10. Coffee table book can be taken apart and the pages framed as a source of art. Some art galleries and art dealers call these “bookplates.” 
  11. Take an old wooden ladder and turn it into towel storage (upright) or bookshelves (when turned on its side).
  12. An old flower box mounted on the wall can store a paperback book collection.
  13. Old tennis rackets can be made into fun wall mirrors. Just have a glass shop cut mirrored glass to fit. 
  14. A raw spaghetti strand can make an excellent candle lighter, carrying the flame and being long enough to keep your fingers away from the heat. 
  15. When you are having a party, make use of your washing machine--and not just to wash the linens. The upright washing machine tub can serve as a beverage cooler. When the ice melts, just use the spin cycle to drain the water away. 
  16. Save those baby spoons to serve condiments or to get the last bits out of a small container, such as a spice jar.
  17. Cake stands can hold sandwiches and finger foods at your next party.
  18. Stack rolls of ribbon up on a paper towel holder to keep them organized. 
  19. Thin crispy bread sticks can be used as edible toothpicks for serving cubes of cheese. 
  20. A plastic reusable ketchup or mustard bottle can be filled with chocolate or caramel sauce for decorating a desert plate. 
  21. Candy life savers can be a brilliant solution during the next family birthday.  Place a birthday candle through a lifesaver before inserting it into the cake. The ring will prevent the wax from the candle from dripping into the icing. 
  22. Foil cupcake holders make fun individual treat containers for party food or when serving snacks for kids. 
  23. Use un-waxed, unflavored dental floss to cut a cheese cake into perfect slices every time. 
  24. Make a custom earring holder by taking an unused picture frame, removing the glass and the backing and stringing thick jewelry wire across the back of the frame. Earrings can then be hooked or looped on the wire for a pretty display that also keeps your jewelry organized. 
  25. A no-longer-needed baby gate or crib can be placed in the garden as a trellis to support to grow roses, tomatoes or climbing vines.

Image Source: Baby Gate Trellis 





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