11 Ways To Use Wine Corks This Holiday Season!

The holiday season is slowly creeping up which means a lot of wine will be poured. Do not throw out the corks this year from the house and dinner parties that you might host!
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11 Ways To Use Wine Corks This Holiday Season!

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The holiday season is slowly creeping up which means a lot of wine will be poured. Do not throw out the corks this year from the house and dinner parties that you might host!

Instead, use some of these ideas to repurpose the corks into awesome and unique things for your home. So go grab a vase, jar, or some other container to start saving each wine cork that comes into your possession.

1. Cork Candles

To make these cute candles, take two glass containers, one smaller than the other. Place the candle inside the smaller container and then place that into the larger container. Fill the space gap between the two glass containers with the corks. If the corks are too large, cut them in half sideways for a better fit.


2. Side Table Surface

For this awesome piece of furniture, cut the corks in half long ways, as well as in half up right. Place the corks on the table top in any design you like and get creative! When you are finished, place the glass piece over top to ensure the design will not shift out of its placing. 


3. Stamps 

Create your own personalized stamps for letters, thank you cards, and to mark items with your signature symbol. Simply take a symbol you would like to create and draw it on. Cut carefully around the symbol, making it embossed off the end of the cork. Now dip the end in ink and stamp away!


4. Miniature Succulent Magnets 

Have little plants on your refrigerator by carving out a small hole in the center of the cork. Place the tiny plants in them as little planters. To water them, use a spray bottle once or twice a week to keep the top soil a tad moist. Add a magnet to the back of them so they can stick to the fridge. 


5. Placemat

Display your wine bottle, glasses and cheese bowl on a cork placemat. Saw the cork with a knife for small circular pieces. Glue them all together with super glue to ensure it stays together. Craft a unique shape, to make the project your own.


6. Initial or Monogram

Make a customized letter or monogram that fits your name or your family name. Shape the corks into a letter and font that you like. To get a little more creative, you can stain or paint them different colors to create a contrast. These make great gifts for couples who have just bought their first homes together. 


7. Holiday Wreath

Get festive for the holidays and make this wreath for your door. To accomplish this look, get a foam or cardboard ring from a craft store. Glue the corks down in a random pattern all the way around. Garnish with berries, ornaments, and some fresh evergreen branches.


8. Simple Coasters

Re-purpose old coasters you don't like any more or you found at a flea market to make custom coasters for your home. This easy idea only calls for four corks for each coaster. Cut the corks in half long ways and place them in a square shape. Use them for every day use or for when you host wine parties with friends!


9. Place Card Holders

This super simple idea is cute and can be used for every occasion. Slice off one side of the cork so it lays flat and does not roll around. Then, cut a slit on the opposite side so the name cards can slide in. Use these for dinner parties, weddings, bachelorette parties and really any other occasion you can think of!


10. Framed Cork Board

Create this DIY project for a cork board actually made of corks! Find an old brass picture frame from a thrift store or flea market and spray paint it with whatever color you would like. Cut a piece of cardboard that fits the frame. Cut each cork in half long ways and place them in a zig zag pattern on the cardboard. Attach the cardboard the the frame and start using it for holiday cards, pictures, and holding tickets so they won't get lost. 


11. Wine Cork Backsplash

This last DIY idea is to create a backsplash in your kitchen. Use cement to make a sturdy wall of corks. Cut them in half long ways and make a pattern on the wall in whatever way you would like. This idea will make your kitchen stand out from others in the neighborhood. 


Wine corks can be used in many different ways, so get creative! The best way to hold corks together is by using super glue, carpenters glue, gorilla glue and rubber/contact cement. Hot glue will usually not last that long. So drink up and save all the corks you can!


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