Your Guide to Basket Storage

Baskets can be a great organizing tool, fitting in the smallest and most narrow of spaces, and keeping your things available and organized.
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Your Guide to Basket Storage

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Baskets can be a great organizing tool, fitting in the smallest and most narrow of spaces, and keeping your things available and organized.

Unfortunately, basket storage sometimes goes wrong, leaving the well-meaning home organizer with a pile of dusty baskets that don’t work well in the space, or clutter that overflows the confines of the baskets, creating chaos instead of a handy storage solution. 

This guide will tell you about the different types of baskets and how to make them work for your space. Since each home and area is different, take the suggestions and mold them a bit to work best for you. 

Where should I use basket storage? 

Baskets can work in any room or area of your home, but they are particularly useful for storing items that are used every day in high traffic areas. Entryways or foyers, kids rooms, and living rooms or family rooms are ideal places for basket storage. If you can create good storage solutions in these spots, you will have conquered the most common kinds of clutter. 

Baskets can be stored directly on the floor, on shelves, on bookcases, in entertainment units, on tables, on nightstands, or attached directly to the wall. 

Four types of baskets

Not all baskets will work in all spaces for storage. That is why it is good to have a feel for the type of storage solution you need and then match it with the right type of basket.

Large Baskets are wonderful for use in an entry way or to capture slightly larger items that don’t need a lot of fine organization. One example of a good use of a large basket is in the entry way, where it can catch shoes, books and other items that come in to your home from the outside and need to be grabbed again on the way out. 

Because a large basket can make a statement, just by its size, sticking to a neutral color and design will prevent a large basket from overwhelming the space. Of course, every rule has an exception. If you find a particularly stylish basket, you may decide to allow it to stand out as the focal point of the space. 

Small Baskets are versatile. They can be placed on surfaces, such as a table, dresser or bookshelf. Use them to store keys, mail, jewelry or other small objects. Small baskets that are set into a shelf or storage unit and labeled can be a boon for toy storage and making clean up after playtime easy. 

Wire Baskets are useful for storing items you would like to see, such as magazines or colorful fruit. In fact, wire baskets make a good storage solution for the kitchen, allowing air flow around the contents, which is important when storing produce or other food items. They can also be used to keep favorite cookbooks handy and on display, while allowing them to be neatly stored. In the entry way or mud room, consider wire baskets for items that might be damp or need to be seen, such as flip flops, hats, mittens and more. 

Urn or Lantern Baskets are odd sorts of baskets that can transform a space, if used well. Large and tall, they can be perfect for storing umbrellas to keep the wet off of the floor, but feel free to experiment by storing other objects as well. 


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