Top Ten Benefits of Getting Organized at Home

Getting organized has many benefits in all aspects of your life but especially in your house. Here are the top ten benefits of getting organized at home.
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Top Ten Benefits of Getting Organized at Home

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Getting organized has many benefits in all aspects of your life but especially in your house. Here are the top ten benefits of getting organized at home.

1. Saving Money: Have you ever had to buy an extra pair of scissors because you just couldn’t find the one you already had? Replacing items due to misplacement or damage from poor organization can waste money. So can buying duplicates of items because you couldn’t remember whether you already had the item or not. 

2. The Domino Effect: As one area of your life gets organized, you may just find other areas fall into place as well. This is true both in your home and your routine. For example, moving clutter from the office frees up space to move in your books, which frees up space in the bedroom where the books were previously stored. When your office is organized, you’ll become more efficient at paying the bills, etc. 

3. The Entertainment Value: When your home is easy to maintain, you can invite friends and family over at a moment’s notice. You’ll get the benefits of a great social life without the stress of having to “get the house ready.”

4. A Healthy Environment: An organized and uncluttered home is easy to clean and less likely to harbor dust, mold, bacteria, viruses and other sources of illness.

5. More Time: Time is a precious commodity you never get back. Wasting it disorganization is a shame. Knowing what you have and where it is located will free up the time you currently use chasing after your stuff. 

6. A Sense of Peace: An organized space is calming, not only visually, but in the knowledge that everything is under control. Having a stress free home environment is important for quality of life.  

7. More Living Space: Once you free your rooms of clutter, they will be available to you for living space. Imagine being able to turn a spare room, basement, porch or garage that was used for clutter into a media room, exercise room, library, man cave, or room of your dreams?

8. Owning Your Stuff: When you are organized, you own your stuff; it doesn’t own you. What this means is you are no longer a slave to maintaining, upgrading and attaining. You wind up learning to live with less and being happy about it, freeing you up for a new and more positive way of living. 

9. Chores Get Done Faster: If you have to clear a ton of paperwork off the counter before you can wipe it down or work around piles of stuff every time you need to vacuum the floor, then your cleaning will take more time than it needs to take. Imagine being able to give your rooms a once over in minutes instead of hours. 

10. An Increase in Energy: Chaos and clutter is draining, can sap your energy and even make it feel like it is hard to breathe. A well-organized space gives you an energized feeling. Pay attention to how you feel the next time you walk into a cluttered room. How does this compare to walking into a well-organized room?


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