Top Benefits of Coconut Water
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Top Benefits of Coconut Water

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What is coconut water? It is the clear liquid that is contained inside immature or green coconuts. Coconut water is so pure and beneficial, that is has been used as an emergency substitute for human plasma.

Explore the top benefits of coconut water for home, health and beauty.


Boost your blooms: Add a little coconut water to your flower containers, and reluctant blooms will open just in time for your next party. The natural sugar does wonders for flowers.

Enhance Nutrition and Flavor: When cooking rice, replace half of the plain water with coconut water. Your rice will absorb the fiber and nutrients, and add plenty of flavor as well.


Cure a Hangover: The next time you overindulge, try this gentle cure. Drink a glass of coconut water. It contains more potassium than a banana, and is loaded with electrolytes. When the coconut water replenishes these depleted resources, you should feel much better.

Protect Against Muscle Cramp: Serious athletes know the high potassium benefits of coconut water to stave off muscle cramps before they start. Drink it before a major workout to reap the most benefit.


Clear your skin: With both super hydrating and antibacterial properties, coconut water can do amazing things for your skin without the pore clogging dangers of coconut oil or other hydrating ingredients and face products. Apply it externally to your face as needed.

Reduce Hair Breakage: Coconut water contains lauric acid, which can protect and shield the hair proteins, leading to less hair breakage.


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