Top 10 Yard Sale Items That Sell Well

For a successful yard sale, make sure you have at least some of these items to offer.
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Top 10 Yard Sale Items That Sell Well

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For a successful yard sale, make sure you have at least some of these items to offer.


The early birds are on the lookout for both fine jewelry and costume jewelry. Like a treasure hunt, customers are hoping to find a well-priced diamond in the rough. Put a little thought into your jewelry display, and you should do very well. 


Tools can serve as magnets to your yard sale when you advertise their availability. Most yard sale hosts will get several requests for tools throughout the coarse of a sale. It might be time to clean out the garage and the tool shed. 


Books can put some quick cash into your yard sale money box, if you know the secret to making them in demand. Group books together and sell them by the lot or offer one price for as many books as the customer can fit in a bag you supply. 

Baby Clothing

Babies outgrow their clothing so quickly, that savvy yard sale shoppers jump on the chance to pick up some bargains. If you can provide clean, stain-free baby clothes, your yard sale will do well. Price will depend on your geographical area, but a general rule of thumb is to offer baby clothes at 20 percent of the original cost, more for designer clothing. 

New Items with Tags

Anything that is sealed with the original packaging and tags should get snatched up pretty quickly. Price these items at 50 percent off the retail price, and bargain hunters will appreciate getting a good deal on something new. 

Home Decor

Home Decor can sell very well, especially if it is clean and modern, vintage and sturdy, or if it falls into the Americana style. You never know what pieces might sell. Pricing well at a yard sale can make the difference with home decor. 


Real antiques, such as vintage typewriters or interesting furniture hardware can be in high demand at yard sales. Make sure to advertise “antiques” and place the items in a prominent spot at your sale. 

Collectible Toys

Current, well-maintained toys usually sell well, as long as they are priced cheaply, but the toys that are really in demand are collectible ones in excellent condition. Hot Wheels and Match Book cars top the list, along with retro Star Wars and McDonalds’s toys. While you will get a better price selling these toys online, yard sale buyers may not be as concerned with condition. 

Summer Seasonal Items

Forget the light up Santas. Yard sale customers may just drive by past holiday decorations, but put out a patio set or boogie board, and you’ll have their attention. Summer seasonal items sell well at yard sales, especially since many summer items are no longer available at retail stores, by the time July hits. 

Sports Equipment

Outfitting a child (or adult) in sports gear can be expensive. Yard sale shoppers are happy to take used sports equipment off of your hands, especially any sports gear that is used in the fall season or year round. 


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