Three New Home Ideas for Organizing Legos

Try one or more of the following home ideas for organizing legos.
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Three New Home Ideas for Organizing Legos

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Try one or more of the following home ideas for organizing legos.

There certainly is no Lego shortage in my house. In fact, before I got organized, walking into my son’s room in the dark could be quite a dangerous thing. The little land mines were everywhere. So, how do you strike a balance between getting building blocks off of the floor and still allowing freeform creativity? 


Do It Yourself Lego Workbench

Although you can buy ready made Lego storage units, they made not be the right choice for the serious building enthusiast. Expand your options by considering a shoe organizing bench. There are more size options available. Mount Lego baseplates on the top for building and use shoeboxes or other bins to corral and store the pieces. 

If you want the ability to take the Legos from room to room, install a set of casters on the bottom of the workbench for easy mobility. 


Creative Containers

Think outside the box for ways to use alternate containers to store small pieces that you’d like to keep together, such as lego people parts. Place these pieces in magnetic spice containers. They can then be attached to a magnetic board that is secured to the side of your new workbench or a wall. 

Storage tubs with dividers, or plastic filing cabinet with dividers can also make it easy for storing and sorting legos. 

Keep your eyes open for other creative uses of containers. 


Instructive Criticism

One of the issues I wrestled with is the poor management of all the paper manuals. They often got shifted under the bed, crumpled or torn. The solution: Each manual went into a sheet protector that was then inserted into a three-ring binder. This way, the building manuals stay clean and safe, and the binder offers easy access to them. 


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