Sneaky Ways to Find Small Bedroom Storage

Small bedroom storage tricks can be used to keep your room organized and peaceful.
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Sneaky Ways to Find Small Bedroom Storage

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Small bedroom storage tricks can be used to keep your room organized and peaceful.

Bedrooms should function as peaceful sanctuaries that promote rest, relaxation and romance. The last thing you want is a cluttered bedroom that breaks the mood. Still, it is a fact of life that stuff needs to go somewhere. If you have the fortune of a large bedroom, storage may not be a problem. In small bedrooms, though, finding ample space can often be a concern. These tips will help with home storage organization or provide you with some peace of mind.

Under the Bed Done Right

The extra space under the bed is a wonderful place for storage. It is an area that is often overlooked, but it offers a great opportunity to stash certain items. Measure the height of the under the bed space you have available. You may wish to put low beds on risers to gain more storage. Next, purchase clear plastic bins with lids that will slide under easily. The best under the bed storage containers have wheels and open on both sides. Wonderful items to store in this space include:

  • Spare sheet sets and blankets
  • Off season clothing
  • Shoes
  • Gift wrap and cards
  • Child’s room--books, puzzles and flat toys. 

The Multifunctional Armoire

Because armoires rise up tall, they may be a better idea for small bedrooms than a standard wide dresser. Usually consisting of drawers, shelves and doors, bedroom armoires offer many different storage options. Add a decorative trunk, bin or baskets on the top for an additional organizing opportunity. Armoires are a must when a bedroom has a small or non-existent closet. Items that are just right to store in an armoire include: 

  • Clothing
  • TV and entertainment
  • Belts, scarves and accessories
  • Towels and linens


If you have the space for nightstands, choose ones that also offer hidden storage with drawers and doors. Nightstands with clear shelves also give an airy look, providing some storage without crowding a small room. If you already possess simple table-like nightstands, employ pretty baskets, fabric bins, lidded boxes or other attractive storage underneath. Be wary of storing too many things on top of the nightstand, or it will look cluttered. One lamp and another item (such as a book or water bottle) is plenty. Ideal things to put in or under your nightstands include:

  • Reading materials and/or a journal
  • Flashlight (in case the power goes out)
  • Lotion and bedtime toiletries
  • Everyday jewelry and small items

Storage Benches and Ottomans

Place a storage bench or an ottoman at the end of the bed, under a window or in an unused corner. It can serve as extra seating and storage. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, choose one that fits the scale of the room. Use your bedroom storage bench or ottoman to store:

  • Extra linens and blankets
  • Out of season clothing
  • Sewing and craft projects
  • Child’s room--toys

Corner Bookshelves

Corner bookshelves can tuck into a small bedroom, filling space, or home office where nothing else will fit. Neutral colored baskets and bins on the shelves can fade into the background and hide possessions from view. Ideal for small objects, corner bookshelves in the bedroom can store:

  • Books
  • Phones, small electronics and charging cords
  • Photographs and memorabilia
  • Toiletries

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