Natural Cleaning Solutions for Spring Cleaning
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Natural Cleaning Solutions for Spring Cleaning

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Go natural this year with your Spring cleaning! Cleaning your house with natural products takes the same amount of time to prep versus cleaning with harsh chemicals this Spring. Going natural for cleaning is a much safer process for you and your family; especially for children and pets. It can also improve home air quality. The chemicals and pollutants in regular household cleaning products can promote a plethora of health problems when inhaling these substances. Worrying every day about your loved ones inhaling or even digesting lethal substances is just another stressor that you don’t need in your life. Whether you are purchasing natural cleaning supplies or using DIY methods, you could be saving money, helping the environment and keeping your house safe. Start thinking about your Spring cleaning and keep in mind all the great benefits from using natural cleaners and then factor in whether you want to purchase from a store or make these cleaners yourself; whatever works best for your budget!

The cost of retail, chemical-based products can be high, so keep that in mind as you prepare for your Spring cleaning. “CitraSolv Concentrated Natural Cleaner and Degreaser” is a great natural cleaning solution made from limonene which is the clear fluid from the peel of an orange. Retail price ranging from $10-20. Giving off a fresh orange scent can really freshen up your house and help you with any cleaning project you are working on.

“KitchenStone Cleaning Block” is an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner perfect for your Spring cleaning venture. The environmentally friendly cleaning block is made with recycled glass bottles and each block saves the equivalent of one glass bottle from landfills. Helping the environment, while cleaning with safe non-toxic products- How great is that? This cleaning block is boundless for kitchen cleaning because it can safely be used on most kitchenware including pots, pans, ovens, ceramics and glassware. The retail price ranges from $8-$25.

The safe cleaning solution “Mrs. Meyers Clean Day MultiSurface Concentrate” is perfect for your Spring cleaning. This product has a nice natural lemon verbena scent which could help eliminate unwanted odors and kill brutal bacteria lingering on in your kitchen, bathroom and countertops. The retail price is inexpensive; ranging from $4-$10

Making your own cleaning products can help you and your family save money and keep the areas in your home safe. You can even use some items that you may already have sitting in your panty (like vinegar and club soda). The acidity in vinegar prevents mildew, mold and constrains the growth of bacteria. The bubbles in club soda can help break down that revolting grime and those irritating stains in your living areas. Even using vodka to help eliminate germs can be extremely effective in productive, low-cost Spring cleaning. Home remedies and DIY cleaning solutions can be just as effective as buying commercial cleaning products.

You can make an ‘All-purpose cleaner and deodorizer’ with just 1 quart of warm water and 4 tablespoons of baking soda. This mixture is great for your appliances and is a great deodorizer after you cook that big messy dinner. All you must do is pour the solution on a sponge and begin to wipe away that Winter residue and spring into the new season!

When you in the process of your Spring cleaning, you find things like water rings randomly in your house. Those little water rings can be in places that you just pass by on the daily without really noticing. They can appear anywhere there is a flat surface; such as, countertops, unfinished wood, antiques and several types of seal coats on furniture. You would just need one-part baking soda and one-part white non-gel toothpaste to complete this DIY cleaning process. Dampen a cloth or a sponge with water and add the toothpaste/baking soda mixture. Rub forcefully to buff over the specific spot you are attending to and then take a dry wash cloth to wipe off whatever condensation is left. Then you can use another cloth to give it a final shine, if necessary.

Bearing in mind what we put our bathrooms through each day, we all know that we want this cleaning to be as easy as possible. An easy, all-natural way of cleaning that crude shower, includes water and vinegar. Simply mix ¼ cup of white vinegar with 1 cup of water in a microwavesafe bowl and heat for 30-60 seconds. Pour into a 24-ounces spray bottle and spray onto your shower surfaces. Let that sit about 5 minutes then wipe clean with a cloth or a sponge

So, when you’re ready to start your spring cleaning, first think about your budget and then think about the outstanding benefits of using natural substances in your home. Don’t forget that your cupboards may just have everything you need right at home!




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