How to Make Your Own Cleaning Wipes Without Feeling Wiped Out
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How to Make Your Own Cleaning Wipes Without Feeling Wiped Out

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Disposable cleaning wipes are convenient, making it easy to keep bathroom fixtures, kitchen counters and other surfaces clean and sparkling. There are two downsides to store bought cleaning wipes: the expense and the harsh chemicals that are often used. Both of these negatives can be overcome by making your own cleaning wipes. We tell you how it is done. 


First gather the items you will need to make your own cleaning wipes. You can reuse empty plastic wipe containers or make your own from scratch. If you are opting to make your own wipes containers, choose sturdy plastic food storage pieces with lids. Tall cylindrical or square shapes work best. In addition to the containers, you will need:

  • A large roll of paper towels
  • A recipe for cleaning solution (one recipe follows)
  • An electric knife
  • A liquid measuring cup


Using the electric knife, cut the paper towel roll in half, so you have two shorter rolls. Take your time while you cut.


Place one short roll into your plastic container. Use the second short roll for a second set of wipes, or reserve it as a refill.  

STEP 4: 

Make up your favorite cleaning solution and use the measuring cup to pour three cups of the solution over the paper towel roll and into the storage container. Close the container and allow the solution to sit for at least four hours.


Open the container lid and pull out the wet cardboard tube. Reach in and carefully pull the paper towel from the center (where the tube was) and thread it up through the hole in the lid, if there is one. Replace the lid. 

Tips and Tricks: 

  1. Use good quality paper towels for this project. Inexpensive paper towels can tear, shred or fray.  
  2. It will be easier to cut the paper towel roll in half if you don’t remove the wrapper first. Take the wrapper off before you place the paper towel roll into your container. 
  3. You may find it helpful to make several sets of cleaning wipes at once. 

Homemade Cleaning Wipes Recipe

Try this easy cleaning wipes solution for general cleaning. 

Combine equal parts white vinegar and water or dilute your favorite non toxic cleaner using five parts water to one part cleaner.


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