How to Make Your House Practically Clean Itself so You Don’t Have to
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How to Make Your House Practically Clean Itself so You Don’t Have to

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If you want to know how to have a house that practically cleans itself, read on. Small changes will make maintaining your home easier, allowing you the extra time you need to do the things you love to do. Banish the dust bunnies and get the clutter under control with lifestyle changes that make it easy to have rooms that are permanently clean. 

Fake It Until You Make It

Stand at the front door (or the entrance of a room) and look inside. What immediately catches your eye? If the sight line of a room looks clean, the whole room will give that impression. Take a look at those areas and see if you can rearrange things or change the way you do things to keep the sight line uncluttered. For example, don’t put the mail smack dab on the fist surface you see when you walk in the door. Place it where you wouldn’t notice it at first. 

Choose Things That Keep Themselves Clean

I very seldom buy clothes that are dry clean only, because I don’t want the time or expense of taking them to the dry cleaners. I’ve adapted this strategy to my home decor, choosing items that practically keep themselves clean. Dust can be removed from a flat, painted table in a few seconds, using a chamois cloth stored in one of its drawers. In contrast, an ornate wooden table with intricate scroll work requires getting out different kinds of supplies, such as polishing oil, multiple clothes and brushes to get dust out of the crevices, and then spending time each week keeping it clean. 

Be a Chunky Monkey

There is a reason successful organizing gurus, such as Peter Walsh and the FlyLady advocate housekeeping in 15 minute chunks. Separating necessary tasks out into small bits of time gets the job done without you really noticing the work. Find ways to get cleaning tasks for a few minutes when you can. For example, while you are brewing your coffee or waiting for water to boil, you can spray and wipe down a kitchen countertop or toss away some junk mail. 


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