7 Bath Towel Care Tips

Bath towels too stiff or smelly? Have the lovely colors faded? Solve the most common bath towel issues with the proper care.
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7 Bath Towel Care Tips

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Bath towels too stiff or smelly? Have the lovely colors faded? Solve the most common bath towel issues with the proper care.

Sometimes despite a trip through the laundry, your “clean” towels smell musty or off. Solve this problem by putting them back into the washing machine with the hottest water setting and a cup or two of vinegar. Then run them through the wash again in a normal setting with regular detergent. This should get your bath towels fresh. To prevent odors in the future, hang your towels after use, until they are fully dry. 

Invest in good quality bath towels. Cheaper towels will fade, shred and tear quickly, while a good set of luxury towels may last for a decade or more. Cheaper towels will also feel rougher than higher quality brands. To save on cost, invest in neutral colors that can carry over if you decide to change your bathroom colors and decor later. 

What if your towels don’t seem to do what they were made to do, that is, what if they don’t dry well? You can easily fix your absorbency problem by washing and drying your towels several times. New towels are often saturated with softeners and dyes that make them stand out in the store, but these additives can interfere with the way towels absorb water. For established towels, skip the fabric softener every third or forth load. 

If your bath towels are faded, there isn’t much you can do about it other than live with the new look or replace the towels. There is a technique that will seal in the color and prevent future fading, but it only works with new towels. Add a cup of vinegar to the detergent the first time you wash brand new towels. They will stay bright and colorful throughout their use. 

Lint-covered towels just need a good wash and dry to remove the extra fibers that are being shed. Make sure the lint trap of your dryer is cleaned out, and don’t wash the towels with other items. 

Rough and scratchy are not the way you want your bath towels. The problem here might be too much detergent, which can build up and make bath towels feel rough. Add less detergent in the future, and set your machine for an extra rinse. Do you like to hang your towels? A quick fluff in the dryer after you hang may keep them soft. 

For maximum fluffiness in your towels, shake them out after the wash for more even drying, and then fluff them again when they are out of the dryer to plump up the fibers.


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