Clutter Buster Rules

Sometimes following the rules makes life easier, or at least clutter free.
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Clutter Buster Rules

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Sometimes following the rules makes life easier, or at least clutter free.

Clean up the chaos in your home when you embrace a few basic clutter buster rules. They will help you keep your home neat and organized. By developing a plan of action for dealing with your stuff, your possessions will never take over your home or your life. You will be able to enjoy your acquisitions instead of spending endless amounts of time trying to get them under control.

It's the thought that counts: When someone gives you a gift, take the time to appreciate the generosity, but do not feel obligated to keep the item in your home, if it isn’t something you would have purchased yourself. No one expects you to be chained to life to something you don’t need or want. Express your thanks and then donate or re-home (not re-gift) the item to someone who would absolutely love it. 

Give to get: When you get a new item, look around for something else that can go. This keeps the balance in your home and prevents it from getting cluttered. 

Use it or lose it: If you aren’t using something, then it has no value to you and is just a drain on your resources. This includes clothing that doesn’t fit, craft projects or books that never get picked up, or anything that has not be used in a year.

Remove redundancy: Get rid of the duplicates of things around your home when they are not necessary. Keep the best versions and donate the rest. Some common items that often have duplicates are scissors, kitchen utensils, books and even small appliances. 

When in doubt, throw it out: If you wonder if you should keep an item, then get rid of it. The fact that it is a debate means that you probably don’t really need it. Let it go and feel liberated from the clutter. 

Not for now: Try to handle things only once. This means that when you come in from outside, hang your jacket up, rather than placing it over a chair to be hung later. Don’t put things somewhere “for now.” For now means that you need to establish a better routine or home for the item. 

Pick a number: Figure out a number or volume of certain groups of items that you need and then stick with it. For example, you may decide on keeping five gift bags or only the number of DVDs that will fit in your entertainment center. Keep the best and get rid of the rest. 

Take it back: Hold yourself accountable for the things you use and put them back as soon as you are done with them. Take the glass you brought into the living room back out when you leave the room, grab anything that was added on that trip when you leave the car, and pick up things when they fall. 


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