Why a Murphy Bed Could Be a Smart Choice for Your Home

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Why a Murphy Bed Could Be a Smart Choice for Your Home

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The Murphy Bed is becoming popular again, as homeowners are embracing the flexibility and functionality. New designs and techniques make them more attractive than ever. There is no need to sacrifice your home’s look or style, since these beds can be designed to blend seamlessly into the home’s face and finish. 

What is a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy Bed is also known by other names, such as a wall bed, a disappearing bed, a pull down bed or a fold down bed. 

These beds are hinged at one end, allowing them to be folded up and stored vertically against a wall or in a built-in closet for a more seamless look. The cost of this type of bed can range from a few dollars for a DIY kit to $2,000 for an elaborate set up that includes extra built in features, such as multiple storage units with drawers. 

The name Murphy Bed comes from the inventor, William L Murphy. Rumor has it that he needed a way to quickly transform his bedroom into a living room, so he could invite his lady love over to his space without also inviting the scandal of being alone in a bedroom.  

While today’s homeowners may or may not have the same sensibilities, there are still many reasons to consider adding a Murphy Bed to your home. 

What are the benefits of choosing a Murphy Bed? 

A wall bed allows you to create a comfortable guest room from almost any area of your home. You can convert an office, living room, TV room or other area into a bedroom when needed, without compromising the regular functionality of the room

When the bed folds up, you can maximize space in a small apartment or tiny house. This allows you not only to enjoy more room, but save the money you might have spent on a larger home. 

Murphy Beds are quick to set up. Choose a traditional fold down mattress or one with a roll out mechanism. Either way, manufactured beds are easy to put in place, and do not require much “muscle” to operate. 

Ready made wall beds are available in some furniture stores, but if you want a bed that folds up seamlessly into a wall, contact a company that specializes in building closet organization systems or cabinets.


Image Source: TransFORM via HGDesignIdeas.com


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