Make Your Bedroom Trendy with Only 7 Changes

There is no need to envy home decorating magazines or your friend that seems like they hired a professional interior designer. You can be your home’s own interior designer and make everyone else envious of your home.
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Make Your Bedroom Trendy with Only 7 Changes

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There is no need to envy home decorating magazines or your friend that seems like they hired a professional interior designer. You can be your home’s own interior designer and make everyone else envious of your home.

Don't feel defeated before you even start. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and you do not know where to start. Here are seven guidelines you cannot go wrong with. You do not have to be a professional to use these tips. Once you try it you will see how easy it really is. Throughout this article there are bedroom ideas that you can use as inspiration.

1. Decide on a Color Scheme

This is the most important step because you will follow this throughout your designing process. Choosing neutral tones like cream, tan, and browns allow you to add pops of color in the details. You can also do black and white or grey, but stay neutral. Then think of one color you want to use as a pop of color. If you go with black and white you can use more bright pops of color like purple, blue, red, or yellow. When you stick with earth tones like cream, tan, and browns it is best to go with green or orange. So think about which home décor color style you like better and then once you've decided that, think of a pattern you really like; for example, floral, a type of animal print, geometric, tribal, paisley, or any pattern you really like.

Tips: You can go with multiple pops of color, but make sure they complement each other! i.e... purple and orange, blue and yellow, or yellow and purple. Also make sure you keep your flooring in mind during this process! If you have brown carpet it is not best to choose a black and white color scheme; make sure your color scheme and patterns go well with your flooring. Wood flooring goes pretty much with everything. Also be careful mixing patterns it is risky business, but can be done.


2. Add an Area Rug

It can be a small or large rug, but rugs really spruce up a room. This is when you can incorporate your unique pattern or pop of color! If you choose not to do a patterned or colored rug you can do a neutral textured rug. For texture you can do shag, fur, or a textured raised pattern [as pictured in the bottom right].

Tips: If you choose a small rug you can do multiple of the same rug, or just put the small one under a chair or at the foot of your bed. Also again, keep your flooring in mind. Make sure if you choose a textured rug it looks good with your carpet or wooden floors.


3. Add a Statement Chair

This chair can be one of your “pop of colors” or it can be in one of your neutral colors. Make sure if it is a neutral colored chair that it has some sort of interesting design element; for example, buttons or nice leather.

Tips: Place your chair near a window. Also if your bedroom is larger consider either two chairs, or in addition to the one chair a foot bench at the foot of your bed. If your room is on the smaller side you can add a stool instead of a chair.



4. Light Fixtures

It can be as simple as a side lamp or as extravagant as a chandelier. Some indoor lighting choices you have are to add your “pop of color,” your pattern, or it may be just a really beautiful lamp that fits with your decor. The light fixture is important because it will illuminate your amazing decor, but it will also add some flair.

Tips: If you choose to add a chandelier you can make this a focal point and tone down the rest of your pieces so the room is not too busy. Also if you do not want to add a lamp or a chandelier, you can add white Christmas lights along the ceiling to add a small touch of ambience.



5. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are added for a few reasons. First they can make a room look bigger. Second they can be a decorative statement. Third and most importantly, you can check yourself out! Mirrors can vary in size and shape, which is why planning in advance helps you figure out what works best. In addition to decorative mirrors and stand-alone-mirrors, you can add a mirror to the door of your closet.

Tips: Mirrors can be added over a small table for a vanity if you have the room. If you already have a mirror attached to your dresser you can still add a small decorative mirror because adding more than one mirror gives the illusion your room is larger than it actually is.


6. Add Art Pieces

This is a great time to add art that you have lying around that you can never find a time or a place to put it. It is also a great time to go looking for art that you have secretly always wanted to buy. If you are one of the lucky ones that has the artist gene, you can even paint something yourself. This adds some life and sophistication to your room.

Tips: Make sure the colors or designs you choose go well with you color scheme or pattern choices. If you choose a very busy painting it is best to make the painting your focal point. You can even choose to design your room around the painting if it is a very special piece.


7. Accessorizing 

Accessories include pillows, blankets/throws, vases, drapes, comforters, flowers and any knick knacks you have that you think adds to your color scheme and pattern choice. This is where you really incorporate your “pop of color” and pattern. It can be anything decorative that adds to your theme. This is the “final touches” stage where you can just add little things to make everything come together.

Tips: You can use fake flowers and never have to change them out for less maintenance. Also you can use books to add to your decor. Lastly, remember less is more.


With all these design ideas, make sure you take into account the size of your bedroom! Use your own judgment when it comes to the size. It helps if you look at pictures of bedrooms that are similar to yours in size. Look for bedrooms that have a similar layout as well. You can always use the photos in the article for some inspiration. Design a rough draft in your mind, online, or on paper before you actually start to make the changes. Like any interior design professional, make sure you draw up design ideas to make sure it looks how you imagine and works in the size and layout of your room. Keep in mind what furniture is currently in your room, and then budget accordingly for your changes. Another great thing about these guidelines is that you can apply these same concepts for a living room or even a home office.

Last Tip: Do not be afraid to add more than one type of wood to your room. They actually can work great together!


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