Fun Storage Solutions to Keep Your Kids Organized
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Fun Storage Solutions to Keep Your Kids Organized

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This cubicle style shelving adds a styish touch to your kids' bedrooms. The fabric drawers can store the kids toys, and the open shelves can store the books or stuffed animals. What is your child's favorite color? Incorporate that into the design when picking out the fabric drawers or by simply adding wallpaper to the back of the open cubbies!

Is there not a lot of room in your child's bedroom? Why not use the drawers under the bed to store toys or create a built-in cubby space into the bed frame. This will help keep the toys out of sight and out of mind. Plus it adds a unique touch to the room! 

An open style shelf adds that personal touch to the kid's bedroom because it shows the toys and books they are interested in. It also gives easy access to the items your child uses quite often. 

Are their books being shoved in the corner of the room? Is there no extra space for a bookcase? By simply mounting a couple of bookshelves to the walls, you can keep the clutter off of the floor. As your child's book collection gets bigger, it is easy to add more shelves along their bedroom wall! 

This is a super fun way to keep the bedroom organized, and it adds character to the room! With these milk crates, you can spray paint them any color to fit the bedroom theme or add their favorite colors! 

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