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Bedroom Bliss

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You can rest assured that a comfortable bedroom does not have to mean piles of overstuffed pillows and boring shades of blue. Interior designers are turning to a new look for the most important room in the house, and you should too. These simple changes can create a sleep space that offers a breath of fresh air, while still being cozy and welcoming.

Pale gray and sage are two tones for your bedroom that can soothe and ready you for bed. The colors are soft and relaxing on the eyes, giving a great foundation for the room. Consider a quick new coat of paint on the walls. This will create a wonderful background for the rest of your design choices.

Next, lets look to the bed. White and pale neutral bedding naturally seems crisp and fresh. Instead of bold color for the bed, focus on the feel of the fabrics. Linen and high quality cotton are always a good choice, but also consider the new microfibers that have an ultra soft feel on your skin. This is the way to combine a clean modern look with a luxury experience.

Avoid piles of pillows, while still keeping the practicality in place. Layer a few standard pillows to give you the support you need while reading in bed. Top with a decorative pillow for a neat and finished look during the day.

Keep the soft colors and tonal neutrals that were chosen from becoming too flat, by introducing texture into the bedroom in smart and subtle ways. The right area rug can add some texture to the room while still feeling soft under bare feet. A throw blanket draped artfully and with a nubby feel also adds the kind of texture that just begs to be touched, adding interest but blending in nicely with the rest of the design intention.

Natural light can be a design factor in your bedroom. Avoid heavy window treatments to allow the maximum amount of light to spill in to the room during the day. At night, pull down light blocking shades in a shade of white or a soft neutral. Modern technology has made these shades light and unobtrusive, while still functional, and they come in a variety of hues.

Sometimes it is the little touches that make all of the difference when crafting a blissful bedroom. Every bedroom should have fresh flowers in a gentle scent. Add a seasonal bouquet, swapped out each week. Treat yourself. It is hard not to smile upon waking when you see fresh flowers in the room. It is a blissful way to start the day.

Smaller nightstands with minimal clutter will give your bedroom a modern look that is at once serene and relaxing. If you share a bedroom, the trend is on not making the nightstands match. Each partner can have his or her variation, as long as they both compliment the rest of the room. Slightly different tones of the same color, or different shapes can add interest. Stay away from too much variation, especially in terms of the “heaviness” of the furniture. 


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