5 Perfect Color Ideas For Bedrooms

Learn how color can enhance the bedroom.
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5 Perfect Color Ideas For Bedrooms

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Learn how color can enhance the bedroom.

A bedroom not only serves you as your personal abode but it also leaves an inspiring impression on anyone visiting your room. The way you decorate and furnish your bedroom shows how creative and tasteful you are. Each and every article in the bedroom plays a significant role in enhancing and lifting the beauty of your space. Everything needs to be charming and pleasant, and so does the color. Yes, the wise selection of color is equally important to create an impressive ambiance in the room. The selection of colors depends on your choice and personality. Whatever color you choose for your bedroom, make sure it goes well with your room furnishing. Here I am going to list down 5 perfect color ideas for bedrooms

Mauve and indigo:  

First idea for your bedroom color is this combo. If you want to give a slightly girly and soft touch to your bedroom, this color combo would be perfect to achieve your target in a perfect way. These colors are perfect for the room for couples as it is satisfying the requirement of both the partners as it’s neither too girly nor purely mannish.  If you want to create a soft and airy ambiance in the room, it will definitely serve you well. Add a splash of white too and enjoy the heavenly look in your abode.

Emerald green:

This is the loveliest shade of green color and looks great in bedroom. This color gives you space to use your creativity and do some experimenting with it.  It’s an ideal shade if you want to add the touch of freshness in your bedroom or you are a nature lover.

Lemon yellow:

Do you want to create a cheerful ambiance in your bedroom? Try the happy shades of yellow. Lemon yellow is one of my personal favorites and it has tendency to do wonders. It will make your room look vibrant and extremely fresh. Combine the shade with crème or off white and enjoy the charming ambiance.

Crimson pink:

How can I forget this color? It’s a perfect color for girls! If you want to give a unique look to your bedroom, combine crimson pink with any other color you like. What about crimson pink with black or the combo of darker and lighter shades of pink? Use your imaginations and do something different.


Brown is the safest color for bedrooms. If you don’t want to take risk, go for the shades of brown. If you have wooden furniture in your bedroom and you want to give it a traditional look, adding hues of brown will easily let you achieve your target. Moreover this color creates the feeling of comfort and coziness in the room and makes you feel relaxed when you enter the room. Brown color is also great for creating a cottage style ambiance in the room.

These were a few perfect color ideas for bedrooms. Always remember it’s not all about adding style to your bedroom but adding comfort and coziness in the room is equally important.  Good luck!


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