How to Create the Perfect Wine Cellar

Starting a wine collection can be a lifetime of work and can hold a lifetime of memories.
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How to Create the Perfect Wine Cellar

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Starting a wine collection can be a lifetime of work and can hold a lifetime of memories.

They can feature bottles that have significant monetary values or they can feature bottles with significant sentimental values. Bottles that represent a birthday, anniversary, wedding or another special occasion can make your collection even more personal. However you decide to start or continue building your collection, the importance of a proper wine display can make a huge difference to your collection.

Proper storage is important to not only organize your collection, it is also important for the quality of the wine. Some wines are best enjoyed younger, and do not need to be aged. It is important to do proper research on the types of wines being collected so storage can be accommodated properly. For most collections, it is important to store in darkness and in a place that can avoid vibrations and movements. Both of these factors can damage the quality of the wine. Many wines are ready to drink when purchased, so it is important to know what you're purchasing and the proper storage to keep it in the best condition.

When it comes to creating a custom home wine cellar, there are many factors to take into consideration. All aspects of the room must be controlled, which includes room temperature, humidity, types of wood used, wall surfaces, and insulation. Hiring a basement contractor to build and install the wine cellar is a great way to ensure that everything is taken care of and your wine collection will be kept in pristine conditions.

The design options for creating a wine cellar can be as unique as your collection. One design that is becoming popular is locating the cellar under the stairs. It is a great way to utilize that space and display your wine collection in a way that is viewable to guests entering your home. This is an easier add on than converting a basement or garage space, and it also makes your collection easily accessible.

Another up and coming design for wine cellars is the modern glass look. These wine cellars can be displayed in the center of a room rather than against a wall. These cellars offer easy access to your collection and create a great view of the wines.

Creating a tasting room in your wine cellar is a great way to enjoy the atmosphere and your favorite bottle. Having this tasting space also offers display options for wine accessories including glasses, corkscrews, wine decanters, and cork collections.     

Another stunning design idea is to create your wine cellar in the ground and have a spiral staircase leading to it. If the enclosure is glass, you can look down into it. This is a space-saving cellar that offers a unique twist on a traditional design.

Creating a wine cellar to accommodate your collection is almost as important as the collection itself. Take into consideration the process is takes to create and build, and be sure to consult with a local wine cellar professional to make sure the quality of your wine cellar is congruent with your needs.



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