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About Home & Garden
Design Ideas

Visual Search & Sharing

  • Get Inspired
    Get Inspired

    Find home improvement and decor ideas to inspire your next home project.

  • Interact with Experts
    Interact with Experts

    Submit questions and comments on photos and communicate directly with professionals that would love to help.

  • Hear What the Experts Have to Say
    Hear What the Experts Have to Say.

    Professional bloggers, designers, contractors, and manufacturers create inspirational blogs for you, and step-by-step project books.

  • Find Local Experts
    Find Local Experts

    We have listings of local professionals, manufacturers, and online merchants to help you easily find an expert near you.

Our Story

Home & Garden Design Ideas was born from years of publishing home‑centric print magazines. We are dedicated to offering inspiring ideas to consumers (everywhere) on one easy-to-use Platform for any project they may be planning.

We only focus on matters of the home so you can easily find ideas without toggling through unrelated pictures of puppies and sports cars.


Visual Search Engine

At our core is the visual search engine where you can:
  • Build ideas for your next home improvement
  • Show off your home improvement portfolio
  • Share to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
  • Interact with the experts.
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Insights from the Experts

Find A local business
Our home improvement professionals, bloggers, online merchants, and manufacturers are sharing tips every step of the way. Check out our project books for help:
  • Planning your next job
  • Picking the right materials
  • Finding a professional to help with your next project

We're Local

Need to find a professional?

Every professional on our site is local somewhere, and there are plenty near you. Enter your zip code and find the right one today.

Find A local business

Online Merchants

Find A local business
So you found the perfect faucet, door, handrail?

On our site, you can comment directly to the online merchant and find out where to get it, or search by online merchant to find just what you're looking for.


We're built for the professionals

For Professionals

For Professionals

Are you a professional contractor with a portfolio to share with potential clients who are looking for ideas for their next home project?

Online Merchants

Online Merchants

Are you running an ecommerce business online? Want to drive traffic to your site, and create further awareness of your product line?



Are you manufacturing goods for the home? Looking to expand the reach of your marketing? Needing to build interest in and awareness of new poducts?