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Ceramic Floral Knob – Milky
Pink on White
Ceramic Striped Knob – Pink on
Cloisonne Jewel Knob – Pink
Crackled Ceramic Knob –
Antique Pink Pumpkin
Glass Crystal Criss-cross Knob
– Pink
Retro Whitewashed Metal Knob –
Pink Flower
Quick Guide to Paint Finishes

Which finish should you choose on your interior paint? Forget the elaborate explanations. Here is a quick guide.... Read More
Vintage Hmong Accent Pillow
Coastal Blue Anchor Light Switch
Cover Nautical Decor Nautical
Nursery Bedroom Decoration
Switch Plate
Ceramic Melon Knob – Black and
Antique Iron Pineapple knob with
glass studs
Chic ceramic knob - red and
white stripe
Ceramic Floral Knob – Blue on
Glass ribbed knobs - Teal, Blue,
Brown or
Antique iron with glass inlay
knob – Queen's crown
Vintage pewter knob – blue and
white floral under glass inlay
Retro whitewashed metal knob –
blue gragonfly
Cottage chic ceramic knob –
blue check
Vintage Brass with glass inlay
knob – Magnolia
Retro whitewashed metal knob –
spiny conch
Vintage brass with glass inlay
knob – shell
Antique iron with glass inlay
knob – captain’s wheel
Types of window coverings
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