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12 Pieces of Art to Make your Home Sing

Seasonal & Holiday | Rebecca Focht

Is your home looking a little lonely this February? With Valentine’s Day coming up, this round up will give us all the perfect excuse to LOVE our homes and let them sing with some beautiful artwork!


Romantic Art Piece with Muted Shades in Minimal Living Room. Can’t you feel the love in the air in this room with this piece? The muted shades make this room feel so relaxed and very happy!

A Romantic Piece of a Couple Dancing in the Rain. What could be more romantic than dancing in the rain with the one you love? Having this piece in your home would for sure make everyone in the room feel the love.


Romantic Photo in Frame of Birds Silhouettes in Snow. With this cute painting of baby birds, how could you not hear your home singing?

Such a Romantic Piece of Two People in Love Under the Moonlight.

A Relaxing Bedroom with a Romantic Painting of Roses above the Bed.  Having this painting in this amazing bedroom would instantly make me feel at ease, how about you?

Beautiful simple “Love Me” piece with neutral colors and thin gold and gem trim. This piece could go great in any room, seriously. The living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even the bathroom! Your home will be singing to you everywhere.

Modern Valentine's Day Artwork that you can put anywhere. These sweet little birds look lovely just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Painting of Lovers caught in the Rain under an Umbrella together.

Handpainted Custom Artwork of Beautiful Flowers to match your Lovely Decor. The tone of this painting is dark, however it is still perfect to make your home feel a little more lovely.

Beautiful Painting of Lovers Kissing Under a Tree in the Moonlight. Could it get any more romantic than this? This painting is sure to make your home overflow with love.

Romantic Love Painting of a Couple Sharing an Umbrella on a Rainy Night Walk.

Again, what could be more romantic than a walk in the rain sharing an umbrella with the love of your life?



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